We’re only half way through the week but I felt I have done so much of both unimportant and essential things.  I have been quite preoccupied with several things that were good enough to slightly diminished my boredom and homesickness.   

Work has been busier lately with the incoming lectures in Anatomy-Physiology; coupled with its Laboratory or Practicals and Tutorials for PreMed; an almost endless everyday-meetings with my colleagues and bosses but I am not complaining. Despite of the paper works and powerpoint presentations that go with it, I am grateful for so many things the past weeks and could not entertain to think any negative thoughts.

There’s still that nightly Skype with Tina and Gabby, regular preparation of my baon (cooked foods + fruits) to work, ironing my work wear, washing laundry and dishes –things that an expat do on a daily basis. Nakakapagod din minsan! Talaga naman!

But who would not be excited if you know you’ll be reunited with your family in 38 days and counting?  Just last night, I took out my credit card (again!) and purchased airfare tickets via online reservations at Cebu Pacific (MLA-KUL) and Air Asia (KUL-PEN) for Tina and Gabby. 

They’ll be coming over with 20 kg of luggage each on March 19. Yeeha! They’ll be here with me in Penang for at least we (Tina and I) have contracts with our employers. (FYI, Tina nailed a 1-year renewable contract with Penang Adventist Hospital during her 2-week December break here but she still has to wait for the release of her Malaysian Nursing Council Registration before she can start exploring the Operating Room).

Remember, AMANDA ,my violin?  We’ve started playing music together for the very first time as I’ve started my weekly beginners’ class with her. Ang saya, during the one-hour session, I’ve relived my rondalia days when I was in Grade 4 playing banduria with my schoolmates.

And tomorrow, I’ll bring my other toy baby,  ALFONSO to work to try to capture some scenes and whatnot. I still have to exert efforts in reading its manual, online forum on photography and ask anyone who cares to share their expert opinion about getting started on DSLR photography to a newbie like me.

I’m in love with my camera and violin.

I have started watching a TV series of a psycho killer named DEXTER via downloaded episodes online copied directly to my external drive from my colleague-friends. They’re at Season 5 already, I just started with Season 3 Episode 1 this afternoon and to think that there are 12 episodes per season, there are more to catch up with them.

At this early, I am thinking things like transferring to a new condo for rent at the Island on or before August –this means, I and Tina have to be ready with at least RM3000 (xPhP 14) for the 2 months advance, 1 month deposit plus budget for things to buy like the basics of urban living.  And then there’s Gabby’s education here.  I’m planning with Tina’s approval, to enrol him first to piano lessons (Gabby prefers it than violin) on April then scout with them an  appropriate school for our kid. I think we can enlist him on or before January intake here; at least we have the resources by that time; I hope. *crossed fingers*

I also have other financial and family problems that are not supposed to be discussed publicly. Oops, did I just mention it?

I try not to dwell on problems that I cannot handle alone. I’d better be busy with something more fun and productive.

I still wish to spend a whole day sleeping in my bed, thinking of nothing. I am so weak to do it!

And you?

How’s life treating you lately, if  I may ask?


7 thoughts on “WATZUP, DOC?

  1. .. napakabusy! nagtaka ako dun sa 20kg luggage, nakalimutan ko palipat na pala sila for good! hanap nyo na nga lang ako ng work diyan, sigurado naman may ambulansya sa penang, haha.

  2. madali na lang yang antay mo doc. isang kisap mata lang anjan na loves mo. may karibal na sila alfonso at amanda (parang twins ni aga at charlene ah).

    ganito pa din buhay buhay dito. gaya mo, laba, sampay, luto, nood ng tv 🙂 tapos tulog – repeat next day.

  3. will check out Dexter too! natapos ko na kasi yung “24”.. yan naman!

    ahem, yung Beryl’s with Praline, paabot nalang kay Rob pagpunta nya jan ^_^

  4. You are soooo busy, I get exhausted just reading the stuff you have to do on a daily and weekly basis. Where to you get the energy to do all the things you do?

  5. You’re so busy Doc! And I’m happy to hear from you that in a month + you’ll be united with your son and wifey 😉 Good luck to your new toys…like you I’m still a newbie with photography. ANd nagbandurya din ako pero high school na hehehe…..and you asked us, how’s life treating us? For me….not so good, still looking for a job here…..dakilang palam….palamunin LOL

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