And so immiediately after I arrived from work this Monday afternoon, my new toy  baby,  Alfonso (read : my very first DSLR which I only got last Saturday) and I started making fun moments at  the back of our condo where the baywalk promenade is.  I brought him and admired the glorious sunset in Butterworth and had my very first MANUAL mode shots.   

Here are they in the raw. All taken at around 7PM (dusk falls in Butterowrth at 8PM, FYI). Comments and constructive criticisms are most welcome; just be sweet OK? 😀

Like any other beginner, I am a work in progress. 

Like a child who has started to learn how to walk, I know I’ll get by gradually.

It’ll take time to grasp the craft but what’s important now is that I have already taken the very first step. 😛

21 thoughts on “TAKIPSILIM

  1. naks nice shots ah. more pics pa. keep your photos and look them back afterwards and you’ll see the difference after 🙂

    just watch your horizon Doc when capturing landscape though pwede naman mabatak yun nga lang ma-crop na yung photo 🙂

  2. I’m back from my little break.

    I see that you had acquired “my dream” toy while I was away. Would be fun to see what you’ve been practicing on. Keep up the passion and the results will follow.

  3. Great shots !!!
    Wonderful sunset…
    I almost always shoot an Aperture priority (A)… this allows you to decide about the DOF you want.
    Do you want a blurred background when you take a portrait or do you still want many details in the background.
    I don’t think you really need to shoot in M mode in most cases the A mode gives you the best results. Don’t forget you hold a very intelligent baby in your hands…

    1. i really appreciate your comments, sidney;
      keep it coming, i’m learning big time!
      such an honor to receive pieces of advice from someone i look up to.

  4. Congrats doc! Iba talaga nagagawa ng blogging hehehe, kakainggit naman ang dami mo ng toys at may name pa uli hehehe 😉 yun 2nd picture parang over exposed pero maganda yun 4th shot…teka ano ba yan nikon o canon? hmmm aminin

  5. You’re photos are good naman Doc G. Actually, coming from a beginner like you, it’s great. I also like the 4th photo. Very relaxing tingnan.

    Just pursue this hobby Doc. Malay mo, one of your photos can land in a travel mag. That’s something, right?

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