Although I felt short of our 4-day paid holiday here in Penang to celebrate Chinese New Year, simply because there are more places to explore and things to do,  I am still thankful for all the blessings – big and small.

The coming days will be more fruitful, I know. 

You remember, my violin, Amanda, right?

Beginning this Wednesday at 6:30pm to 7:30pm and every Wednesday thereafter, I and some 3 colleague-friends will learn the basics of violin in a Chinese Music School in Jalan Raja Uda, Butterworth.

Then, learning new things never stops.

Just last Saturday at Jalan Penang, Georgetown, I was accompanied by one of our friendliest senior-colleagues who’s into photography since I was 2 years old and a housemate-colleague who, like me, wants to learn and enjoy DSLR photography, to scout for a good buy of a camera. 

Meet my new toy baby, next to Amanda, third to Gabby, here’s Alfonso…  

Reading its manual and gradually going thru the basics is like learning how to read when I was 6. 

I’m extremely excited to acquire the skills, little by little.  I know it’ll be more than fun because when I showed Alfonso for the very first time to Tina and Gabby over skype, my son had his hands clapping with smiles from ear to ear. 

He cheered like, “Yehey, may camera na kami!  Wow, ang ganda!”

Those moments are the things you cannot buy; they’re absolutely priceless!

I hope with Amanda and Alfonso, my homesickness and boredom will diminish soon.

Thank God for all this bliss.  😀


PS : Amanda and Alfonso are the names we (Tina and I) have in mind if and when we’ll have future kids next to Antonio Gabriel.

The 2 photos above were the first shots from Alfonso using automatic mode. I will try my best to learn how to operate him manually and all the modes he has… I wish you’ll see improvements soon.


29 thoughts on “ALFONSO

  1. Big difference on the photo quality. I felt the same elation when I bought my first “grown-up” camera. I am sure you will make the most of it. 🙂

    1. thanks, bert! i always look forward to your amusing comment! haha..
      i didn’t get amanda and alfonso without my commander-in-chief’s approval, you know! hehe… 😀

  2. didn’t know you play the violin. i’m super impressed. 🙂 i think having that DSLR is perfect for you. you share good things in this blog, articles and pictures alike!

  3. weeee congrats Doc for Amanda and Alfonso I’m sure the two of will grow very close with each other and i’m sure that Gabby is already excited to meet them. waiting for more photos from alfonso.

  4. omg!!! a new baby!!!
    i’ll brace myself sa photos mo in the future. alam kong super ready ka na to have a dslr!! super happy for you!! shoot na tayo!! =)

  5. D7000…wow… that is really a nice toy… it can do more than my D200.
    I wanted to buy this camera… but since I am still happy with my D200 I decided I should save my money and wait a bit 🙂

    1. you’re making great shots with your cam, sidney.
      you don’t have any idea how i respect you with your work, more so how dedicated and passionate you are with your craft. bravo! ang husay mo, sidney!

  6. Doc! Wee Buti nag-Nikon ka! kaya pala sir napansin ko may SLR-ish effect na ang photos nyo 🙂
    Big Time sir ah. Am planning to upgrade my D60 to this one but its costs arounf 70k in Hidalgo. Is it cheaper there?

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