For hopeless romantic people like, ehem, I am, Valentine’s Day on the 14th of February is such an occasion not to be missed.

Last year, I remember I took my wife, Tina and our kid, Gabby to a movie, dined in one of our favorites, and I never failed to give her a bunch of 3 roses of course (Click this for the blog post).

Valentine's Day 2010 : Early Dinner at CIBO, date-movie and a bunch of roses!

Apparently, flowers are synonymous with expression of our love to our special someone. And when it comes to love, boundaries and limitations are often times meaningless, if not, taken for granted. Not even distance can hinder how one can show his affection and care to his dearly beloved.

This year, because I am thousand miles away from Tina on V-Day, I thought of sending her a bunch of  red roses via online purchase with FREE delivery. Knowing my wife that she would not appreciate expensive gifts particularly from me, the offerings from this online gift shop called perfectly fit what most people like me (and my wife) look for in almost anything : quality and practicality.

I did the online purchase of 3 stem red rose from with only few clicks! It’s easier than munching and finishing a bag of your favorite chips!

Here’s how:

1. Go to website

and sign up for an Island Rose Peso Rewards Club.

 Fill out the Sender and Recipient’s data…

2.  Click on the “Buy Now” on any of the 3-stem (red or white) Love Note under Bouquets.

3.  After completing the order, complete with personal message to your love one, click on the checkout button. Check the summary of order.

4.  Finish the order by putting the credit card details and tapping the “Continue” button.

Disregarding doing reservation and buying airfares, it was my first time to do an online purchase and it was such a hassle-free!

Incidentally, in coordination with Island Rose is offering those 3 stem rose (red or white) with note with FREE delivery anywhere in the Philippines at 52% off (from P643 to P309). Now that’s a steal!  Other beautiful Valentine’s Day gifts are also available at


Visit and for more details.

14 thoughts on “IT’S LOVE MONTH AGAIN!

    1. hi iana! i forgot to mention in the post that it will be delivered tomorrow, as pre-V-day gift. and unfortunately, my wife barely peeks at my blog unless i told her to do so. but she loves me and that’s what matters most! *wink*

  1. .. hmmm. i’ve also ordered some flowers online for my ma last month but through a different website. check ko nga yang promo mo docgelo. 😉

  2. Would you believe I’m actually quite bitter about Valentine’s Day? :p It is, however, a very good time for us to sell chocolate. Still, I think I’ll stay home and roll a fresh batch of truffles. It’ll keep my mind off the blues, I think. But Happy V-day to you and the family, doc.

  3. talagang iba na narin pagbili ng flowers. pero honestly—never ko pa nabigyan ng flower ang wife ko during valentines day. nahihiya kasi ako. I am an expressive person when it comes to love pero I donno the thing about flowers why I never had the courage to buy and give her,hahaha

  4. Ang tameeeeees naman. Di talaga nakalimot. Ganun talaga siguro ‘pag committed ka na ano. Uhm.

    OO nga pala. February na, meaning “love is in the air” na. Pero as usual, single pa rin. Haha. Pero I’m not complaining. XD

    Thanks for the tips Doc G. I’ll try to give my mom a bunch of roses. Pero I’m not sure. I’m on the tipid mode kasi.

    Happy Valentines Day!

  5. Sana may matanggap din akong ganyan sa Vday! My husband isnot tat romantic kasi, hahaha, ayan na nagcomplain na ako,buyt seriously, he’s not that demonstrative kasi. Though at times, pag pumasok sa kukote niya, okey naman! Heheheh!

  6. I appreciate what you are doing for your wife and family but you are setting a very high standard for the rest of us… at least, to me. Mabuti na lang yung marriage vow namin me return, no exchange. Kung hindi napalitan na ako! LOL.

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