I considered myself lucky for working in Penang where diversity of 3 races – Malaysian, Chinese and Indian usually comes with festivities and holidays. Yes, January 20th, Thursday was declared a holiday here for Hindu’s Thaipusam celebration. (Google translate : Ang daming paid holidays!)

My fellow Pinoys here and I heard from our Indian colleagues that thousands usually troop at Hindu temples and venues where Thaipusam festivities are held. So most of us feared to be caught in traffic decided to spend our day off differently.

While most of the Tamil community here observed Penance and prayers by as simple as carrying a pot of milk to as daring as  mortification of the flesh  by piercing the skin, tongue or cheeks with vel skewers, I got curious about the ‘homes’ of 2 of our colleagues so I joined our friends in the plan to explore it.

Kondominium Kassia, Butterworth, Penang

The units have 3- 4 bedrooms, with 2 toilet and baths, veranda, washing area, the works!

And if you think our swimming pool in our condo is awesome…

We're at one of the penthouses of Wira Court, Butterworth for more than 6 months now.

think again…This is Kassia’s impressive pool for kids…

and the massive pool for kids at heart both located on the condo’s 2nd floor…

A simple yet inviting gazebo with squirting fountain separates the adult pool from the kiddie…

Don’t you wish to live here?

And look, there are more reasons for kids to love living here…

There are sauna rooms inside shower/toilet rooms too; everything is located just by the pool.

For health buffs,

The cost of rent of 2 of my senior colleagues ranges from RM 800 (or PhP 11,200 unfurnished) and RM 1300 (or PhP 18200 fully furnished with flat screen TV, fridge, washing machine, kitchen and sink, toilets etc). Their rent includes the use of all amenities –swimming pool, the gym, etc and did I already tell you that the place offers free wi-fi too?

More gym equipments that can be use at your most convenient time…

I didn’t take a dip (I don’t like swimming; read: I cannot swim!) but my friends did. According to them the pool’s great but the water’s cold.

That holiday was bitin (we felt short) because it was sandwiched in between 2 working days. Nonetheless, it was a nice day for me to forget boredom and homesickness.

Kondominium Kassia is beautiful, reasonably priced but require a bit of walking to and from the bus stops for most of us who don’t own cars here.

By August, our contract with our own penthouse in Butterworth will expire, and Tina and I are planning to get our own unit at the Island near her future work site and Gabby’s possible school. So help us, God! 😀

Other than location, accessibility to everything, comfort of course, what else do you need in an urban living (make that living abroad away from true home)?




    1. and with those amenities, solb na di ba?! 😀

      we wish to look for at least a comfortable place before august this year in the island. lilipat kami nila tina+gabby doon, may prospect na ako, but nothing’s definite yet.

    1. hi sheng! our (My 4 male colleagues/friends and I) contract with our penthouse in our condo ( will expire on August; and since Tina already signed a contract with a hospital (her work place) at the Island and we’re planning Gabby to send to school also at the island early next year, God willing we can have the means to transfer there in August. *crossed fingers*

      sana may mahanap kami na affordable na kasing ganda at kasing komportable, accessible ng condo namin ngayon, at nyang kassia sa island on the coming months.

  1. ang ganda ng place and mura na cya comparing that price sa condo dito. yung 18T eh studio room pa lang. sana ang Pinas can provide that kind of place din. i’m sure you’ll be able to get a place for your family by the time Tina and Gabby arrives there.

    1. oh yes, mura ang cost of living dito sa penang compared sa manila.
      we’re renting our huge 2-storey-5-bedroom penthouse for only RM 1,500/month (PhP 21K) fully furnished; each with split type-air conditioning units.
      I have the master’s bedroom with own toilet and bath inside, yes, may bath tub! sana may tub din mahanap namin na lilipatan before august sa island.

      aga pa naman… but kassia’s nice, ano?!

    1. no, dyan. my colleagues don’t share units for they have their own families coming here soon. pero mura na nga lalo na kung may ka-share ka sa unit.
      ang water bill dito mga RM 20 lang for 2 months kung malakas ang consumption.
      ang electric bill mga approx RM 100 monthly for every room with 1 unit of AC (plus other appliances).

  2. pag jan ka tira feeling mo lagi kang naka holiday mode sa resort. ang ganda ganda.

    sana may mag suggest sa university na mag put up sila ng shuttle for employees – kahit monthly kayo magbayad ng pamasahe di ba para wala problema.

    1. we live far from our work site; about 30-45 min by bus but 15 min by drive siguro, but quite near to the island. or nasa mid way kami ng university-college and the island (where life is!).

      we purchase a monthly rapid-penang-bus-pass; a ride-all-you-want ID for buses here. OK naman ang buses nila, they don’t get that crowded as in manila; plus sobrang minimal ang traffic.

      kaya lang it would cost a fortune (at least for me) to buy own car and will require a guarantor for we’re not locals here. nontheless, we’re enjoying the bus and ferry rides… used to it already.

      i like our penthouse now but it’s distant from tina’s work site soon and gabby’s possible school…wish we can find a nicer place to rent before august.

      1. border ka namin ni ite, tara na! mag walk in ka kaya sa PAH sa march 24, dala ka ng resume tapos email mo na sila beforehand…. apply na, from saudi to penang!

  3. Ang ganda naman ng kassia condo na yan, and mas mura nga compared sa Pinas. Maganda pa ang amenities 😉 Hay I can’t wait to see your posts living with Tina and Gabby in Malaysia…..galing!

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