One of my friends of 18 years and counting, and the same person who introduced me to the world of blogging, Rob of Sensory Replays (to quote his verb-) urged his fellow bloggers to do a post similar with his.  He even required everyone who will follow suit to name the entry “10 things I have not done before.”  So obedient as I am, here goes my own boring list…*drum roll, please!* 

1. VIOLIN.  I want to learn how to play it, seriously. The thought didn’t come suddenly but a childhood dream. I cannot put into words how fascinated I am with this string instrument; each time I get to watch an orchestra play, my ears are always biased to its sound. 

You can just imagine my extreme excitement last Saturday, when my senior colleague told me that she and another MD-lecturer-friend are already scheduled to start violin and voice classes respectively in a Chinese-own Music School here in Penang. I immediately asked the rate per hour, and it’s reasonably affordable, RM 60/4 sessions in a month (that’s exactly RM 15 per hour x 4 sessions or PhP 210/session).  The instrument can be purchased from the Music School too.  Let’s wait and see…soon!

2. GO BALD. I wanted to sport a skin head for the longest time but Tina doesn’t allow me.

Admittedly, at 34 I have thinning locks. Thanks to my dad who unfortunately inherited me with hair attributes of poor quality (thin strands in less volume, got used to it already, so no worries).  Now, I can sense that the time is near to sport a new look but not too soon. *bagay kaya? vote now!*

3. ORGANIZE A CHARITY EVENT.  Another blog buddy, Chyng of No Spam, No Virus, No Kiddin’   inspired me after she successfully put up a Christmas party and gift-giving and more for the kids of a certain orphanage in Bulacan recently.  I think everyone who knows her should follow her footsteps in doing such generous endeavor.  At her young age, hats off ako kay Chyng!

I am not promising to do it this year but with a goal and plans in mind, I know things will spring soon.

4.  SLEEP ALL DAY and DO NOTHING.  I used to sleep less and wake up early.  Like even weekends, I have my body clock set with such schedule. I want to experience how it is to be narcoleptic and lazy for a day.  

5. SERIOUSLY SAVE, SAVE and SAVE.  *enough said*

6. SINGAPORE, INDIA and other parts of ASIA.  I could have included countries in Europe but with our personal 2011 financial outlook, a lifelong dream for a European trip shall have to be frozen until that time comes.  For now, traveling to neighboring Asian countries might be feasible but still subject for budget approval. *wink*

7.  GET MY OWN DOMAIN.  How does docgelo.com sounds like?  Honestly, I don’t have any idea of getting my own domain. Help! Only heard that it’s cheap per yearly rate and that’s it. On the second thought, I don’t want to have separation anxiety with wordpress.

8. SOLITARY BACKPACKING.  This one’s a challenge. For a traveler no, but for  a family man like me, it is. After Tina and I had Gabby, most if not all of our trips were done with him and I am not complaining. 

9.  SEND OUR SON to SCHOOL in FOREIGN LANDSo help us, God!

10.  BE A STUDENT AGAIN and PURSUE OTHER POST GRADUATE STUDIES.  I hope this happens soon. I cannot wait.

Do you have your own list or at least ideas in mind of the things you have not done before?



15 thoughts on “10 THINGS I HAVE NOT DONE BEFORE

  1. hala, kala ko Rob is just sharing his goals. i didnt know I need to do the same too. hehe sorry na ROB! ^_^

    beyondtoxicity.com sounds better. sabagay sikat ka naman, kahit anong URL, mahahnap ka ng readers mo.

    and yes, I’ll support your outreach in the future in return of supporting me last year!

  2. i’ve always wanted to play a violin, too. i almost bought one in China a few years ago then remembered my sister’s comment na baka babatuhin kami ng kapitbahay kapag tumugtog ako ng madaling araw pag di ako nakakatulog.:p

    master ko ang #4.

    this is a great list. now you got me thinking.:p

  3. I have already done your 3, 4 and 10. Yung10, hindi ko natapos because I got pregnant while I was on my second year in law school so hindi ko na pinatuloy. I will have to make a blog on this meme. Thanks for sharing Doc Gelo!

  4. I am impressed with your list Doc G. It’s also been a childhood dream for me to learn how to play a violin. I have a cousin who plays the violin so good. In fact, he is now a violin tutor at a young age of 17. Awesome, diba?

    Yung No. 4, lagi ko ng ginagawa yan. XD

  5. what a noble feat to organize a charity event. walang katulad.

    before deciding on having a domain, you might want to ask yourself why?

    seems like i cannot create a list for now. i have many things in mind to do. but it would be fun to have this done one day. 😀

  6. Happy New Year Doc! Sobrang namiss ko ang blog mo, super busy kasi lately eh sorry ha, di bale ca-catch-up na lang ako

    ganda naman ng mga wish mo, hmmm parang walang wala ang mga wish ko sa’yong list hehehe….mukhang bagay sayo ang bald pero not at this time meron pa naman e hehehe….pero sana by that time na pumayag na si Tina sana lang uso pa ang kalbo lol

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