one of the charming sights in Georgetown, Pulau Pinang

I chanced upon this quaint Chinese facade in georgeous tone of green when I was walking in one of the streets of Georgetown, Penang last weekend.  I instantly fell in love with it.

Walking around Penang Island is a good way to while away hours particularly on a lazy weekend. The sights on the streets and the street scenes itself are not that difficult to appreciate in this UNESCO World Heritage site. Definitely, there are a lot of fascinating things because of diversities in every corner.  

Some of my colleagues and I plan to explore more of the island this coming Chinese New Year (It’ll be holiday here from Feb 3, 4, 5, 6  Thursday to Sunday)!  That’s one long weekend to look forward to. And there’s more of Penang that we haven’t seen yet.

Other than enjoying the sidestreets of Penang, my usual weekend is devoted to spending hours inside the mall, either Queensbay Mall or Plaza Gurney just to forget about homesickness and de-stress from the weeklong toxicity from work.

Just yesterday, after 2 of my senior colleagues and I went to inquire about details from a private primary and secondary school here (for Gabby and their own kids which deserves a separate post next week), we went to Queensbay Mall to meet other friends-colleagues, grabbed some bites for lunch at our favorite Filipino-Malaysian owned food stall, Little Wok.

This is my usual lunch set from Queensbay Mall : Little Wok’s Beef fried rice with egg and Tow Foo Far or taho and Peach Iced Tea from other food stalls. In more or less RM 10 (PhP 140) Solb!

yup, i know it isn't healthy. too much salt, too much sugar but hey, sarap 'yan! hehe

Besides spending few hours inside coffee shops (Starbucks or Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf) where wifi is free, we also like watching movies almost every weekend. Last week was Season of the Witch (Nicholas Cage) and yesterday we saw The Tourist (Johnny Depp and the lovely, Angelina Jolie). Have you seen these movies?

Then we commonly capped our weekend inside the grocery to buy food for our baon to work the next week.

Today, Sunday, I’ll hear Tagalog Mass in Georgetown (celebrated every 1st and 3rd Sundays of each month only) , sit in a coffee shop inside the mall again to revised my powerpoint slides for my lecture on Wednesday. The main goal always is to forget about homesickness even just for a while.

How’s your usual weekend like?

Enjoy your new week, everyone!

Be safe and be blessed!



13 thoughts on “MY USUAL WEEKEND

    1. it’ll be my first chinese new year here, ivan.
      my friends here told me that other than georgetown, a place called raja uda in butterworth where there’s a chinese community celebrates the occasion more festive than the others.

      of course, last year, dom (dong ho of eskapo) and the rest of our group met you in binondo; it was also a great experience.

      do drop me a line if you’re visiting penang, and if your trip falls on a weekend, i’ll be glad to have even a short walking tour with you of the city.

      always a pleasure to have you here in my blog, ivan! thanks! 😀

  1. wow! a UNESCO World Heritage site? cool! you know what docgelo, the picture reminds me of the province…. a beautiful province. 🙂 must be the design of the doors.

  2. ohhhh i love that door. gandang picturan nya talaga and its a UNESCO heritage site. gusto ko na tuloy pumunta dyan hehehe. ang cute talaga ng plating nung nasa kaldero hehehe

  3. .. can’t wait to take a glimpse of georgetown, gelo. uber-excited! =)

    .. spent my weekend hunting for bargains at the malls till my feet was dead tired, haha. hay, i miss taho!

  4. I’m always fascinated by UNESCO World Heritage sites – they’re more authoritative than say the popularity contest “New 7 Natural Wonders of the World”.
    I have a feeling this “usual” weekend of yours is great! Keep it on Doc Gelo!

  5. it’s long weekend here- martin luther king jr day on monday.

    on sat – i ran some errands, then met with a friend to work on our church’s website, then had dinner to celebrate a friend’s new job at our favorite Vietnamese place in Berkeley. I forgot to bring the camera because I was running late with the dinner.

    on sun – i stayed home to vacuum and do the laundry and watch a ton of tv including the golden globes.

    tomorrow monday – don’t have anything planned, but i think we’ll go to the park and watch the salmon run upstream.

  6. that looked so good! tama ka, maraming bagay not healthy pero masarap talaga! ahhh! so hard to resist! may you enjoy the long holiday break!

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