When the time came to load my luggage with things that I needed to bring to my work place in Penang a couple of weeks back, I intentionally did not forget some work essentials like shirts and silk ties, a pair of pants and some things that would usually make my gastric pits happier…

Now, my personal 3-tiered vault at the office (faculty room) has been stuffed with few cup noodles from Pinas (because I hate their bland and curried stuffs here; I prefer our local Seafood and Beef flavored cup noodles), Boy Bawang, Nagaraya, Flat tops, Dingdong Mix Nuts and of course, Choc Nut. 

From Clarkfield Pampanga’s DMIA to Kota Kinabalu in Sabah, Malaysia to Kuala Lumpur then finally, Penang, I almost strained my wrist with my luggage after I filled it with my favorites from Pinas : 4 cans of Century’s Spanish Style Bangus Fillet and 10 cans of…


I know most terminals abroad have rules on bringing in processed foods and canned goods even on checked in luggages. Apparently, here in Malaysia, we’re still allowed to bring such; although I have to admit I wrapped each pair of cans in newspapers, secured them with tape and asked my wife to arranged them neatly inside my luggage.

Let me tell you that I was not paid for this, but it’s really one of those canned goods that I cannot live without.

Sarap kasi! 

We have imported corned beef cans here, like those from Brazil but for me, nothing beats PF.


Do you like canned goods? What’s your favorite?

Enjoy your weekend, everyone!

PS : I forgot to bring local sardines and hotdogs (they don’t have hotdogs here, only beef and chicken dogs).

I also left a kilo of PF Fiesta Ham in our fridge back home (read: excess baggage ito!).

To anyone dropping by Penang, you already have idea of what pasalubong I want from Pinas.

 Syempre, imported na tawag namin dyan! 😀



31 thoughts on “LAMAN NG MALETA KO

  1. Canned goods eh? I have always love lechon paksiw, and a Holiday lechon paksiw! Wala lang, type ko lang talaga siya, and yung Liver spread ng Purefoods din.

  2. daming dala hehehe. Kahit anond delata ok ako kasi madaling lutin and during college pag nagtitipid delata lang ang ulam ko straight from the can hehehe 2 serving pa inaabot so tipid na ako ng lunch and dinner :p

  3. ayyy! Just like me when I pack…may atsara, polvoron, anything ube at kung ano ano pa. As for canned, well I don’t have much…yun din liver spread Reno naman but I bring lots of bottles…of bagoong and taba ng talangka! 😀 Right now, my hubby is ok with the sisig of Lady’s choice pero hindi pa din ganun kasarap kagaya ng prepared sisig ng monterey…thanks for the visit too and I’d certainly drop by often. I’d link you when I transfer back to blogger ha…good day!

  4. I still go for the old time favorite 555 Sardines. I was so bummed this Wednesday bec I called in sick and told my hubby before he left for work that I was craving for some sinangag and sardines for breakfast – who btw find eating sardines for breakfast yucky. When I got up since I stayed in bed longer, I found this Spanish sardine on the counter. Nabad trip ako when I found that wala na pala akong sardinas sa cupboard. Maka visit nga sa Phil store this weekend.

  5. docgelo, OFW ka na talaga! he he!

    kami ni wendy klagi nagtatalo…purefods versus argentina. i personally prefer argentina corned beef kasi…

  6. where’s the flat tops??? 🙂

    fave ko rin yang purefoods corned beef! of kors with garlic rice at sunny side eggs at kape. 🙂

    my de lata faves are Spam LITE, Family Spanish style sardines at DAK luncheon meat. 🙂

    1. may spam lite dito e, medyo mahal lang ng kaunti compared sa pinas.
      it’s around RM13+ dito (RM1 = PhP 14).

      favorite mo din PF corned beef? ang saya di ba?! 😀

      flat tops, may dala ako! wala nga lang pics.
      i even gave few pieces to my foreign colleagues from myanmar and india.

  7. Weakness ko rin yung corned beef but I have not tasted Purefoods. I’ll check our Pinoy groceries here and find out if they carry that brand. If you cannot live without it, it must be something to die for LOL.

  8. Wow Doc G. same here. I love corned beefs (fresh from the can or cooked). Hay! Yan nga ang nakaka-miss ‘pag nasa ibang bansa ka na, yung mga Pinoy foods na wala dyan or kung meron man di mo trip ang lasa.

    Natawa naman ako dun sa ibang dinala mo: Boy Bawang, Dingdong Mix Nuts and Choc Nut. XD

    1. may pinoy food and stuffs from pinas dito from a pinoy store in komtar (tallest building in the island) pero syempre mahal!

      comfort knick knacks ko yang mga yan.

          1. i’m living in a penthouse with 4 other male friend/colleagues in butterworth; it’s a bus and a ferry ride away from georgetown, pulau pinang. the ferry ride takes 12 min for only RM 1.20 roundtip. kinda used to it already; quite relaxing for us to use the ferry.

            i suggest try staying in tune hotels in georgetown penang particularly if you’re only staying there for a night, it’s unwise to splurge on expensive hotels. well, it’s still up to you though.
            that’s only my unsolicited advice.

            i think i have a couple of posts regarding tune hotels. google mo na lang sa search engine ko if you want to take a peek at it. or visit their website.

            i can also meet you at around 6-7pm if you want to so i can tour you a bit in georgetown; that will be after my working hours if it’s a weekday.

              1. I already booked a room at Cozy Home Inn. Thanks for the suggestion, doc.

                Wow, that’s so nice of you. I’m going there with my mom and her sister to visit my cousin. A night tour would be very wonderful if it fits your schedule. Let’s talk about it when March comes. By the way, it’s on the 22nd.

                Saw your condo pictures. You got a nice place there, doc.

  9. Mabuti na lang maraming Filipino products na available sa supermarkets dito. Otherwise, lalong madami yung ni-hoard ko from Pinas haha. Few weeks ago, binitbit ko naman tons of Goldilocks polvoron, flat tops, Cloud 9 bars, teriyaki flavored dilis, etc.

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