I don’t know what charm this historic island has but like a magnet, it draws attraction from everyone, foreign and local tourists alike.  Never did I thought that in my recent brief vacation from work in Penang  that I’ll get another chance to revisit this tadpole shaped island located at the entrance of Manila Bay.  It’s my 3rd time to be there but the experience has always been unexplainably worth it.

The tram buses as usual, welcome tourists at the shores of Corregidor Island and like a magical time-machine, transport each visitors to the historic past.

Do you know that General Douglas MacArthur’s famous line, “I shall return” wasn’t uttered at the island itself as he exited Corregidor’s backdoor to Australia but during his Press Conference already soon after he left the archipelago?

It was a sudden trip; it was my father-in-law who served in the Philippine Marines for more than 10 years and who came home from Missouri, also for the holidays wanted to revisit this Island. Like most of us, he also have been to Corregidor several times; but his experience in the military can effortlessly explain why he wanted to take his grandchildren to one of the most frequently visited tourist spots of the country.  Libre kami ni Lolo Chito, ang saya! 😀

However, we’re not that lucky that day for the light and sound show where the late Francis “Ka Kiko” Evangelista’s (of the original TV Patrol cast) voice was used for the annotation at the Malinta Tunnel had a technical problem thus was called off.

Those tram buses that mimicked the orginal mode of transportation during those years when Corregidor Island was used as reservoir of coastal artillery and ammunition magazines that defended Manila Bay and the city of Manila were still there to bring tourists to the rest of the hills of Corregidor.

It was only that day when our tour guide was at his best that I understood that Malinta Tunnel has tracks where those trams used to railed…

Tina and I wondered how one of the laterals of Malinta Tunnel served as a hospital in those critical times…

We’re glad to taste improvements on the buffet spread from the Corregidor Inn where we had lunch inclusive of the package tour (now worth PhP 1900+ per pax).

The ruins of the barracks were still there, weathered by times…

This used to be their cinema at the island…

Other than the small museum, I like this place in Corregidor the most…

This sacred altar built in honor of the heroes of Corregidor who fought for freedom is strategically installed under a hole of its dome where sun can exactly shine directly sometime on the first week of May at high noon coinciding with the anniversary when the island surrendered its glory.

Inside the Pacific War Museum…

The best part of our day trip : family bonding of course!

With his Lolo, Tito, Tita and cousin, Tina and I were happy for Gabby had fun that day…

Unknown to Gabby, the island surrendered to the war and many lives were lost.  I’ll let his history teacher someday to do the works.

For now, at least he knows that the whole world needs…

Have you been to this historic island?  I’m sure. 

What do you like most about it?


*photo of map of Corregidor was sourced from Wiki


  1. Nasa “must see list” ko yang Corregidor ever since I read Quezon’s “The Good Fight” ages ago. Why MacArthur statue not Wainwright or an unknown soldier? They were the ones who were left behind to defend the island when MacArthur and Quezon escaped to Australia under order.

    1. i know you’ll enjoy the tour at the island.
      there are a couple of monuments built in honor of the pinoy soldiers who fought for the country but i failed to post their pictures.
      buti ka pa, you know our history better.
      i got a 1.25 (1.00 being the highest) at my philippine history subject ages ago but i still have to learn much.

    1. has it been 2 years since your last visit there? *ang kulit ko ano?!*

      we didn’t bother to inquire about the rates per room on corregidor inn.
      parang creepy pag nag overnight doon sa isla.. awoooooooo! hehehe 😀

      …can’t wait to tour you here in pulau pinang come march 24.

  2. Sorry Doc G., hindi tadpole ang unang pumasok sa isip ko when I saw the pic. LOL.

    I haven’t been here. But this year, I’ll try my best to visit this place. I find this place so mysterious and historical at the same time. And I heard that it is not pricey to go here. :)))

  3. Pinaka-favourite ko sa Corregidor, Doc, ang Malinta Tunnel’s Lights and Sounds Museum. The relics in the island are very similar with the convict settlement in Port Arthur, Tasmania. And the coast and the crystal-clear waters of Corregidor, the best!

    It was 2003- my first and only visit to the island, at ‘yang trivia niyo Doc about Mc Arthur di ko talaga makalimutan. That statue really welcomes the tourists immediately after the ferry ride. The guided tour only costs PhP600 11 yrs ago, but it was world class, I would say. It’s even better than some of my guided tours here in Au.

    Tadpole-shaped island? Para sa akin, Doc, sperm-shaped sya. U

  4. Unfortunately, not yet. I’ve always wanted to visit Corregidor but never got the chance…hopefully though that plan would still push through. Thanks for the virtual-tour. I really like the last photo!

  5. sabi na nga ba eh kaya familiar ang voice sa malinta tunnel, yung sa tv patrol pala yun. sayang di kayo nakapunta. may gulatan portion na naganap nung nagpunta kami hahaha.

    doc, sino tourguide nyo sa tram? kami si armando. super funny haha 😀

    this post reminds me na kelangan ko na icompose ang sakin 😉

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