How did you start your 2011?

My family and I had totally different New Year’s eve. For the very first time in my 34 years of existence, I defied family tradition, superstition and beliefs about New Year celebration. We never had fireworks and firecrackers. We didn’t have 13 round fruits on the dining table that were supposed to symbolize 12 fruitful months and a surplus for the incoming year. We didn’t prepare any home-cooked meals neither bought dishes or cakes from restaurants or fast foods even as take-away.  Perhaps because Tina, Gabby and I just came home from Malaysia a day after Christmas and we became so busy allowing time to just pass by. Nonetheless, I extremely enjoyed my days off with my family. 😀

Few hours before the clock strikes midnight last New Year’s eve, Tina, Gabby and I spent simple dinner at Sulu Hotel in Quezon City with my wife’s balikbayan dad who checked in there for his holiday here from Missouri.

During my vacation, we also got a chance to visit my dad and brothers in Pasig City and had dinner with them too. 

The three of us watched  2 Pinoy movies (comedy and horror flicks), dined and strolled in malls I truly missed (Greenbelt, Glorietta, Gateway and TriNoma) and really savored my week-long break from work.

Before I report back to work in Penang early next week, I’d like to share with you the foods that I am extremely pleased to eat again after 5 months of being abroad.

Our very first meal after we got home  from the airport : Pandesal at goto…

Tina, Gabby and I arrived on 26th December from (Penang via)  Kuala Lumpur  at around 6AM after we were fetched by my 2 brothers from NAIA terminal 3.  We walked to Kawilihan bakery (the best bakery in Anonas/Chico Streets, QC) and bought a supot (brown bag) of  pandesal and goto for me! Sarap! miss na miss e!  Pandesal never tasted that delicious!

Reyes Barbecue, Glorietta Makati… Five months of no pork barbecue was worth the wait! 


Christmas season in Pinas won’t be complete without bibingka (rice cakes). This one was from a stall near Greenbelt chapel. We also had Ferino’s, one of the best tasting bibingka in town.

I am more of bibingka fan rather than puto-bumbong (purple rice cakes steamed from bamboo poles; do you like them both?).

Pancit Malabon :  I’d count the days until I can enjoy you again…

 Crispy Pata and Kare-kare from Dencio’s …classic Pinoy favorites.


And yesterday, my sister-in-law invited us for a dinner treat with Tina’s balikbayan-dad at Dampa in Libis, Quezon City.

Other than those calcium and iodine -rich yummies, my dad-in-law also missed Dinuguan, so he ordered one…

Of course it was seafoods galore!  We had Tiger-Prawn Tempura, Sweet and Sour Lapu-lapu,

Halaan (clam) soup … deliciously soothing!

I cannot imagine a world without baked scallops! hehehe!

Among those sumptuous treats I had with my family in Manila, these two are the ones to be missed…

Purefoods hotdogs (you know that we have raw pork meat in Penang, even various ham but there’s only beef and chicken-dogs).

And, it would take time again before I can dunk my fork at those crispiest Chicken Joy and delightful Spaghetti from Jollibee. I’ll also surely miss that Yum burger and Peach Mango pie… Can someone put up a Jollibee branch in Butterworth, please… hehehe..

On one of our meals at home, Tina prepared Crab meat Siomai, beautifully steamed and was perfectly tasteful but I forgot to capture them in photos *toinks!*

Despite the fact that Penang has been considered as food capital of Malaysia and I and my family and friends are lucky to experience their diverse gastronomic flavors, my palate still belongs to Pinoy foods. 😀

Now, if you’ll excuse me, we’ll have Tuyo, Itlog na Pula at Kamatis and Sinangag for breakfast. 😛

Happy 2011, everyone!  May we all have a more blessed year.

Here’s to more blog posts about Family.Food and Fun!




31 thoughts on “LASANG PINOY

  1. There’s a wide range of meat and meat products in Australia, pero wala pa ring tatalo sa Purefoods Tender Juicy hotdogs! Miss ko na rin yan, kahit ang Purefoods’ chunky corned beef it doesn’t have its counterpart Down Under.

    Happy New Year, Doc Gelo!

    1. i cannot agree more, doc rj!

      sarap talaga purefoods! i like their corned beef, may dala ako sa maleta pauwi ng penang, blog ko soon.. ang bigat! hahaha…

      happy 2011, God bless!

  2. .. okay na sana e. pero ‘smuckers’ ang strawberry jam mo e! haha!

    .. i also had a “seafood galore” meal at dampa libis when i was there last month gelo, treat ng sister ko, mura dyan tapos sarap pa.

    1. syempre dapat may palaman! pero malinamnam ang pandesal sans palaman! sawsaw pa sa kape! hahaha..

      yung smuckers na 970grams per bottle, bigay ng tatay ni ite from US.. got 2 bottles, uwi ko sa penang yung isa. good luck sa check in luggage ko!

      sarap sa dampa, lalo na pag libre, hahaha!

  3. sarap ng goto or for me lugaw with egg hehehe. sarap talga ng panlasang pinoy. you’ll really know the difference. We did not prepare much on the eve of Dec 31. I bought hotdogs (yung bilog), mallows and bread tas yun main food namin apart from the fruits and roasted chestnuts while my dad was the one lightning up the fountain.

    Enjoy your stay here in the Philippines 🙂

    Happy New Year to you and your family!!!

  4. Its so unfair to the millions of pinoys overseas to be reading your blog on this, we are drooooooolingly hungry out here,hahahaha i guess our food is the BEST in the world, a fusion of east and west, north and south! Our country is so blessed with all the different food varieties available! Nothing compares! Mabuhay and Happy New Year Gelo!

    1. hey, doc musta happening dyan?
      don’t worry, unang subo ko naman for each of those pinoy yummies dedicated sa inyong lahat dyan, hahaha!
      see you soon!
      happy new year po! God bless.

  5. Dalaw – scariest part yung kissing scene ni Diet at Kris! wahahhaha

    Katakam ang pinoy food fest! Kaso Jan2 na, dieting starts today.. ^-^

  6. susulitin talaga ang bakasyon dito! yahoo. kami din defiled from the usual new year traditions. wala na rin yung mga prutas. hahaha… cheers to another great year doc!

  7. Goto and pandesal? I never tried that combo before. Goto and tokwa’t baboy or kape and pandesal na mainit-init pa with any kind of palaman is good (kung walang-wala ako, maski walang palaman OK na rin).

  8. Yay! You went home pala for the Holidays. Nothing beats being with the family at this time.

    I’m sure you’ve been craving for Filipino food since you stayed in Malaysia. Whenever I go out of the country I look forward to pinoy food when I go home.

    More blessings to you and your family in 2011 😀

  9. in all my years on this earth i never knew the significance of the 13 round fruits on the table for new year’s. that tells you i don’t follow such tradition 🙂

    glad you are able to come home for the rest of the holidays. that’s the good thing about working in asia, getting back home for a short visit is doable.

    happy new year. thanks again for all the wonderful posts this year.

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