The outgoing year has given me a lot of humbling experiences. Only my family and truest friends can attest that 2010 has been a tough year for me, financial-wise. I have been under the weather but nevertheless, I am so grateful to our good Lord for providing His blessings in critical times when I needed the most. 

Huge decisions ranging from dropping a job early this year in the name of principles, to accepting new offers to continue to seek personal and professional growths and making vital sacrifices for my family and myself form part of my 2010.  Despite my on-going struggle to become stable, there were countless remarkable memories from this year to cherish.

I reckon being in two Asian countries for more than 2 weeks (and counting) as a great privilege for me. I’ve experienced varied cultures, beliefs and religions, was exposed to amazing gastronomic flavors, have been to wonderful sights that provided opportunities to learn new things and at times, to unwind and be stress-free.

Looking back, I never planned nor thought of being in these places to wintess the turn of events happen before my very eyes. Indeed, God’s love works in mysterious ways.

Experiencing Tokyo (for 2 week-all-expense-paid trip) was truly one for the books.  I swear, I’ll revisit that most expensive city with my family someday.

The stylish and luxurious street of Marunouchi was definitely unforgettable…


Like other tourists, I also fell in love with the street Ginza…

Tasting authentic Japanese foods which are among my favorites really heightened my appreciation of Tokyo…

 Places like Akihabara Electric Town…

Harajuku, Shinagawa, Gotanda, Shibuya, Shinjuku and Asakusa are worthy of recall…

Who would not enjoy Tokyo Disneyland…

and Tokyo Disneysea…

While the second part of the year gave me a chance to work in Penang. Thank you, God!

I was impressed with one of UNESCO’S World Heritage Cities, Georgetown…

I became part of a small community of 24 Filipino MD-lecturers amongst multicultural faculty of an international medical university, all proving our worth not to anyone else but primarily to our families…

I got to experienced an overnight sailing via Star Cruise Pisces with my friends/colleagues.

I have embraced the fact that my work site is absolutely rich in diversities…

Everything has been overwhelming.

But the sweetest thing that happened to me this year was when I had a chance to bring my family over to Penang after 5 months of homesickness and solitude… Our reunion that brought us to Penang Island, Genting Highlands Resort and the city of Kuala Lumpur that also gave Tina that 1-year renewable contract as an Operating Room Nurse in a Joint Committee Accredited Hospital in Penang Island (she’ll start working after her registration with Malaysian Nursing Council is released that we hope to happen 1 – 3 months from now) has been truly rewarding.


I pray for abundance, health and safety for my family, friends and myself.

I wish I can perform my job beyond my employer’s expectations and more importantly, I want to continue being an inspiration to others, particularly my former and present students.

I hope for more travels and learning opportunities to come our way.

I’ll try my very best to save, save and save and to establish my family abroad in God’s will.

I pray to become a better person and a blessing to others.

With challenges and graces from 2010, I pray that I can carry on to 2011 with so much hope, optimism and faith.

So help me, God.

Have a prosperous, healthy and happy 2011, everyone!


this post also serves an entry to (for tina to win the prize from) jeanny’s blog contest.

Visit her blog Starting A New Life. 😀


14 thoughts on “LOOKING BACK AT 2010, LOOKING FORWARD TO 2011

  1. wow!!! 2010 is a blessed year for you. Imagine you’ve been given great opportunities to travel abroad and work in a foreign country. Homesickness lang nga ang kalaban buti na lang you had a chance to bring your family sa Penang. 🙂

    Goodluck this 2011 Doc G.

    Thank you for joining ha. Happy New Year!

  2. pareho tayo 2010 was a year of challenges. here’s to the best of the coming year.

    so glad to hear that tina and gabby (i assume) would join you, para mas masaya postings mo pag andun smiling face ng mag-ina mo. congratulations ke tina. kayang kaya nya yan.

    well, cheers!

    thank you pala i have enjoyed your posts thru out the year.

  3. 2010 may have been a tough year for you but as they say, “When the going gets tough, the toughs get going.” I have no doubt you’ve got the right ingredients to make whatever you want of yourself. Happy New Year to you and your family!

  4. We’ve seen/ read your rides hear Doc. More blessings to come to you and your family and hope that Tina can work there with you para di ka na malungkot ulit 🙂 More blog posts too :))

  5. All the posts here have been good, and I have felt the longing-ness of the writer in the many days he misses his family, and now that it’s gonna be another year,i just want for everyone to feel God’s grace for He alone knows our needs and wants. God bless your 2011.

  6. From Tokyo to StarCruise to Penang, ikaw na doc! Im happy that I was able to see and meet you last year. Tapos nag timezone pa tayo nina Gabby!

    It was a great year doc! And let’s claim that this year will be even better! 🙂

    Happy New Year Doc! Hello Tina and Gabby! 🙂

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