From Butterworth, Penang, we hopped on to train to Hogwarts…

OK, so Rubeus Hagrid wasn’t there that midnight to meet us and we didn’t wait for the train at platform 9  3/4 but platform 2 from Butterworth to Kuala Lumpur. 😀  

The train ride (RM 34 per adult or USD 11  or PhP 473 and RM 21 for kids) which we chose over buses was way cheaper compared to taking the low cost carrier (Air Asia) but of course there’s its downside. While Air Asia can take its passengers from Penang International Airport to Kuala Lumpur in less than an hour, the train we rode took us to KL not in a blink but in 9 freaking long hours! …At least we can state that we already experienced it and was worth it anyway for its price. 

The train also has beds but we should have brought the tickets earlier because it sell like hotcakes.

We didn’t expect it’ll be chilling cold inside (without exaggeration, it felt like we’re in a freezer!) and we hated its old and poorly maintained tandas or toilets (of all things, for Heaven’s sake!).

Syempre, we still flashed our smiles despite those hassles not to forget an hour delay because the train from Singapore arrived in Penang late. Sometimes, it’s good to just go with the flow and let time takes its course, like what one of our friend-colleagues (the one with maroon head cap covering his face) did at the beginning of the trip–he immediately slept with no care whether we’re clicking our cams for posterity…  haha 😀

And did I tell you already that we reached KL sitting on our seats with the train moving backwards? Now that’s another unique experience we had.


It was already 9AM when we arrived in KL Sentral where trains, buses and taxi cabs are stationed. From there, we decided to take 2 teksi to our hotel and forget about taking the cheaper monorail. Good choice because for only RM 13 (USD 4.20 or PhP 182) we’re already at the lobby in less than 15 minutes.


The Legend Hotel and Appartments in KL became our home for 2D-1N. We booked for a Superior Room that can house all 6 of us (Drs. Ronnie, Alvin, Carlo and me with Tina and Gabby) with 2 single beds large enough to accomodate 2 and we requested for an extra bed.  We thought it would cut the cost of our expenses if we would do it that way; and so it did.

We’re checked in at the 19th floor…

This boy has started to entertain his fetish for nice and comfy hotels; tsk. tsk…

*gastos iyan, tatay-doc!*

And if we’re disappointed in tandas of the train that took us to KL from Penang, check out the comfort room of our room in Legend Hotel…simply divine.

The view from our window..

After we hurriedly took showers, we parted ways to explore the city. The boys went to a building filled with nothing but tech-gadgets with affordable prizes while I took Tina and Gabby to Suria-KLCC Shopping Complex at the foot of one of the most famous landmarks in Southeast Asia.

Five months of homesickness faded out in a heart beat.

Suria-KLCC Mall was dazzlingly decorated to the occasion but what strucked us the most were those iconic Twin Towers…


It’s my 3rd time to see experience Petronas but it never fails to impress me. 

It was my first time to spend Noche Buena with friends.

It was my first time to bring my family to KL.

It was indeed a memorable Christmas for us.

How was yours?

Enjoy the holidays, everyone! 😀




  1. Yan din ang 1st choice namin dati from sg to kl, ang mag train. kaso ubos na. haha. namiss ko naman ang petronas! promise yan lang ang dahilan kung bakit ginusto ko pumunta ng kl. 😉

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