Disneyland meets Las Vegas on a smaller scale… that’s how they described Genting Highlands Resort on most online sites I’ve browsed when I was still planning to bring my family over to Malaysia.   

During one of my Small Group Discussion sessions with our students, they’ve warned me that I might be disappointed with Genting since I’ve been to those two themed places once upon a time. Despite their word, I was never skeptical with my game plan. Tina, Gabby and I have to experience the coolest place (literally and figuratively) in this side of Asia.   

I got a package tour from one of the travel agencies in Georgetown, Penang last November, then started counting the days until the big day.

Genting Highlands has a number of hotels to choose from (Genting Hotel, First World, Resort Hotel, Theme Park Hotel) with casinos, retail shops, restaurants, fast foods and kiosks;  has 2 theme parks : indoor, which is located at the second level of First World Hotel where we checked in, and outdoor theme park where ‘life-threatening’ or as my blogmate, chyng puts it -“buwisbuhay) extreme rides can be enjoyed by those daredevils.

After our hearty dinner buffet at Coffee Terrace in Genting Hotel, we went down to First World Plaza Indoor theme park.

If you’re a kid or kid at heart, this can be your paradise. If you like shopping branded items on a 50-70% off, Genting can be your nirvana. 😀

Gabby had fun making snow balls and throwing them up in the air inside Snow World.  Cameras were not allowed inside  but we had 4 souvenir shots at 8R and 5R sizes taken by their official photographers, which I purchased for RM 60 (USD 20 or PhP 840); quite pricey but I considered that memories can’t be brought back and it should be taken as priceless. *i must scan those photos soon*  

Miniature of famous landmarks around the globe are found in the indoor theme park. There are NYC’s statue of Liberty and Times Square, Hollywood’s Oscars trophy, gondola ride in Venice, Big Ben in UK, Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, the Eiffel Tower in Paris and of course, Petronas Twin Towers in Malaysia.

While we reserved our second and last day in Genting to explore the outdoor theme park…

What’s a children’s paradise without that grand carousel?

There’s this Beryl’s Chocolate Factory where colorful chocolate processing simply bursts before your eyes…


Gabby had two days of happiness in Genting but more than that, it was Tina and I who were overjoyed having fun with him.

Happy New Year, everyone!



20 thoughts on “OUR DAYS IN GENTING : PART TWO

  1. .. not really a fan of theme parks (imagine kahit EK di ko pa napuntahan! haha!), pero if ever i’m with my niece i’ll surely go. 🙂

  2. ^ aha! so EK tayo punta sa March! ^-^

    I can imagine Gabby’s happiness Doc. Dito nga langsa TimeZone di na macontain kaligayahan ni Gabby, what more jan! Priceless!

  3. Aaawww! So glad to see the 3 of you together again! And you know what? I had no doubt that wherever the 3 of you may be, you’ll always manage to have fun and enjoy the time together. You have such a lovely family.

    Hope you’re having the loveliest holidays!

    Many thanks for your patience, and for visiting Norwich Daily Photo and leaving your comment. Come visit again tomorrow!

  4. saya talaga ni doc. walang katumbas. siguradong di rin malilimutan ni gabby to.

    this is one of the place in malaysia that i really want to explore. i wanted to try the floating machine somewhere around genting.

  5. looks like a nice play. and yeah, seemed like a fusion of disneyland and vegas. mukha ngang enjoy na enjoy si gabby! inggit ako dun sa chocolate wonderland! mukhang “masarap” dun. hehe.

  6. hi sir!
    Dunno kung naaalala nyo po ako. Was one of your students before. Went there in genting 3 weeks ago! Shame. Paikot ikot lang kami sa indoor theme park kasi it’s too foggy to see anything outside. Pero kahit papano nakapag cable car ride! hehehe I just recently stumbled on your blog and so nice to hear of your new adventures sir!

    Nasa SG po ko ngayon, pag nagawi po kyo ng family nyo here, i would soooooo recommend Universal Studios and Jurong Bird Park, your son would love it!


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