Because it’s Christmas and everyone’s busy being generous and nice, by the time you read this post, we’re probably heading to the Kuala Lumpur-LCT airport to catch a flight back to Pinas or already enjoying the comforts of being home. 

Few hours before Noche Buena, I brought my family to a special restaurant inside Suria-KLCC Shopping Complex to grab quick bites of what this London-based food place has to offer.


Since I cannot afford to take my family and travel to Europe yet, experiencing a taste of it with Tina and Gabby  is the second best thing for me.


Tucked within its gift shop, Harrods Cafe is a serene and relaxing food place (noxious on the pocket though but its excellent food and impeccable service made our dining experience all worth it –*pikit-mata sa budget*)

Everything inside was fascinating.  The English ambiance that I and Tina only experience in few movies and literatures, to the little details of its interiors, table setting and foods that were served were truly note-worthy. 

Tina gave me the freedom to order for the 3 of us to share.  Our set included…

Complimentary pieces of  bread served with (herbed) butter.

Potato and herbs soup : Although thick and creamy, our tastebuds were quite alienated to it for I think we’re all biased to pumpkin.

I reckon Fish and Chips as a classic that one can never go wrong with.  And so does Harrods’ version… Never greasy, no foul-fishy taste; served with long and chunky potato fries and freshest green salad tossed in vinaigrette.  *sarap!*

A day in Gelo and Tina’s lives isn’t complete without a dose of caffeine.  We shared a cup of cappuccino; foamy as usual, the difference lies on its taste and presentation.  

Sugar cubes or brown sugar?  Gabby smiled his widest when he tried the tongs…

Tina was delighted too with those sugar cubes! 😀

I’m happy to share the table again with my family.

Nothing really beats being with your love ones.

Happy holidays, everyone! 😀


PS :  I wish to bring my family to Europe one day and compare how does KL branch fares with the original.

*wishful thinking* …malay nyo lang, this year KL, next Christmas Europe na, LOL! 😛


  1. wow ganda ng place. i love the bear pwede bang iuwi yun hahaha. for the love of the family regardless how pricy the place is…pikit mata na lang aba minsan lang naman ma-experience yun eh 🙂

    i love their presention of the cappuccino especially how they placed the name “Harold” in it 🙂

    enjoy the holidays and have a safe trip back to the Philippines 🙂

    1. medyo affordable pa din naman, pero after 5 months of being ofw, i think i’m not used to spending that much, pero kung food at para sa pamilya at may kaunting budget naman, sige na din! 😀

      harrods is such an inviting food place that’s hard to resist.

      merry Christmas, iana! God bless our families!

    1. korek! hahaha… remember the ‘date’ of the late princess D when she lost her life during that accident, mr. al fayed’s family owns harrods in UK (i dont know in other branches). i read that in the basement of harrods in london, there’s a memorial for the late ‘couple’.

      incidentally, pareho ngang naka-berde si gabby at mr. harrods bear.
      actually, i had my mint jacket too yesterday, so did tina. para kaming choir. 😀

      …have a merry christmas, rob. happy new year too.
      we wish to see you in penang in march. c’mmon, pay malaysia a visit to kill your curiosity.

  2. Doc Gelo! You might not remember me, but I’m Wilfred from Slapdashjelly.

    Visited you to greet you and your family a very merry Christmas! 😀

  3. Happy Holidays Docgelo! Wow that was a nice treat and unforgettable noche buena for all of you! Why not chocnut to try Europe next year, hehehe walang masama and besides kayang kaya mo naman yun no kaya ka nga nasa Malaysia at nagtitiis away from your family e para makapunta sa ibang bansa and for your family too di ba, hehehe. If there’s a wish there’s a way lol

  4. I think Harrods in Europe is the same as in KL. Ganda naman ng dating ng cup of hot drink a ‘yan Doc with a piece of chocolate with the word ‘Harrods’ engraved on it. I was actually looking for your photo with the wax image of Dodi and Di. o”,)

    Maligayang Pasko po sa inyong mag-anak Doc Gelo!

    Honestly, bet ko po kayong manalo sa PEBA 2010. Ganda ng buong blog, it really speaks about strengthening the family (PEBA theme), lalo na ‘yong mga letter-style posts. And your entry post simple yet very meaningful. Para sa akin, Beyond Toxicity pa rin ang winner!

    1. thank you for your kind words, doc rj.
      to be honest, tinabangan ako sa peba… not that i am sour graping but i sensed politics, favoritism and biases. aminin man nila o hindi.

      anyway, it’s the season of love and joy so no worries.
      thank you and merry christmas too!
      God bless.

  5. i agree. nothing really beats being with the family. great food is next to that? lol

    that’s why im bringing my parents to sagada/banaue to spend the new year.

  6. sakto yung color ng shirt ni gabby sa bear! 🙂 tamaaaa pikit sa mata ang gastos pero masaya naman! yun ang mas importante! 🙂 priceless ang mga ngiti ng bagets!

  7. merry Christmas doc and family!!!! 🙂 ang saya kasi you are able to spend christmas with them at sa KL pa! sosyal! hehe. ingat sa pagbiyahe niyo pauwi. enjoy the holidays!

  8. Hi Doc. Ganda ng place. Susyal 🙂

    Dito ka na pala. Tama tama….I am inviting you to join my year end give away. Sali ka na malay mo manalo ka ng Belle de Jour Planner para kay wifey. 🙂

    Enjoy your stay here at pasalubong. 🙂

  9. Doc Gelo! Europe is only a skip and a hop away! There are so many flights on sale, which you can take advantage of. I would highly recommend Singapore Airlines if you want to visit London – fantastic service and great food! KLM may be a cheaper version. But I believe there are other cheaper airlines that can whisk you and your family off to Europe! Let me know once you have decided to start planning and I’ll help you do it.

    As for Harrod’s – of course nothing beats Harrod’s in London. But to be honest, if you’re visiting London, you don’t have to go to Harrod’s. There are so many other wonderful places you can visit to experience England, as well as the rest of Europe. From London, there are so many no-frill airlines like Ryanair, Easyjet, etc.

    If you want to catch up while I’m here in Manila, just send me an email so we can chat over the phone.

    The way you share your experiences and food with your family is what makes your trips amazing!

    Many thanks for your patience, and for visiting Norwich Daily Photo and leaving your comment. Come visit again tomorrow!

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