Saturday, 18 Dec 2010.  Around 3PM at the First World Hotel Tourist Package Counter,

docgelo : Hello Miss.

(hands in the reservation voucher and the number he secured from the lobby)

hotel staff :  Sir, you have to wait for your number to be called.

docgelo : Can you please check me in now; my son needs to rest. 

*sumistema kasi 100 tourists pa ang nauna sa kanila (God, forgive me! hehe)*

hotel staff : (talks to her manager; after few seconds, she hands in the key).

docgelo : Thank you!

docgelo to Tina : Tara na, bilisan mo ang lakad. I have the key already! 😀


We felt relieved after we finally saw our deluxe room at First World Hotel, Genting Highlands Resort. Despite the fact that we took an executive tourist bus from Georgetown, Penang with minimal capacity and so much leg-room per seat  that provided enough comfort, the 7 hour trip (with an hour lunch break at the bus stop) was quite tiring.

I initially booked an overnight stay at Resort Hotel, but I was told by the travel agent only last Saturday morning at their office and bus pick up point that the said hotel did not confirm and they had to book us to another (First World Hotel).  Good thing, they gave me refund of RM 56 (USD 17.8 or PhP 790) from the tour package I got  from them last November.

I set no expectations but for me and my family to have fun.  I tried my best not to compare Genting Highlands Resort to some similar theme parks I’ve been to (Disneyland in Anaheim, Hong Kong and Tokyo and themed hotels in Las Vegas). 

The view from one of the hotels was breathtaking…


“Founded in 1965, Genting Highlands Resort or popularly known as “Genting-City of Entertainment” is situated at 6,000 feet above sea level, set amidst cool misty mountains of Pahang, Malaysia. The Chinese acronym for Genting, pronounced as Yun Ding carries the literal meaning of on top of the clouds.” (–sourced from genting rewards gallery).

The package I got included 2D-1N hotel accomodation, roundtrip bus transfers, and unlimited all-day pass to both indoor and outdoor theme parks for one day.  It was nice that we’re checked in at First World Hotel where the indoor them park was located at its 2nd level. 

After we left our luggage in our room, we immediately explored Genting.

Tina (and I) wanted to try the dinner buffet in one of the hotels so we asked for directions and headed few levels up to Coffee Terrace located at the Genting Hotel (hotels are interconnected via escalators and monorails). 

Meals were not included in the package but there are many food options available; from fast foods (KFC, McDonald’s, Burger King, MarryBrown etc), food kiosks (skewered fish balls, sushi, pastries, sandwiches, local favorites  and more) to high-end restaurants and hotel cafe.

I like the spontaneity of use of recycled plastic bottles made into Christmas decors…

Dinner buffet at Coffee Terrace is offered at 5-9PM and is charged at  RM 60+/adult (USD 19. 13 or PhP 850) and RM 39+/child (USD 12.44 or PhP 552).  Pikit-mata na lang sa gastos, na-miss ko magbuffet kasama ng pamilya ko! Ito lang bisyo namin, remember? 😀


Some  plates we shared…


For Tina’s and my own palate, hotel buffets in Pinas are way so much better but nonetheless, our Coffee Terrace experience wasn’t that bad at all. We’ve savored again what we love to do best. 😀

What about Gabby? Did he enjoy the buffet particularly the Durian-flavored ice cream he had?  His smile said so.

Other than he liked the sweets, he’s too excited for the indoor and outdoor theme parks of course. 😀

To be continued…



24 thoughts on “OUR DAYS IN GENTING : PART ONE

    1. hi chyng. we didn’t get the go genting package you had.
      we paid RM 60/adult and R, 39/child for this.
      twas worth it but tina and i are biased with circles events cafe buffet at makati shangri la, dusit thani’s sunday family brunch and yes, sprial at sofitel. *miss ko na food sa pinas, ilang tulog na lang at jollibee na naman!* 😀

  1. ang ganda naman ng view! i could stare out the window all day with that kind of view!

    kainis ha! bakit si tina buffet ng buffet pero di tumataba?!? hmp! 🙂

    1. hi grace. merry christmas! happy holidays!
      tina will be delighted with your comment, hahaha.
      thanks. *totoo nyan, magaling lang sya magdala –she’ll kill me for this!*

  2. natawa naman ako sa style mo doc G. Binigyan kagad kaya ng keys 🙂

    Nandyan na pla sila. Its been a couple of days na na hindi ako nadadalaw dito. Musta na. Will your wife and son stay na rin dyan.

    God Bless doc G. and your family.

    1. i’m happy, jeanny. thanks for asking. who wouldn’t be happy if you’re with your family? 😀 tina signed a 1-yr contract with a JCI-accredited hospital here in penang, but she’ll start to work here probably next year as she has to wait for the release of her malaysian nursing council registration.

      happy holidays, jeanny! we’ll be coming home for the christmas!

  3. hey! we were in KL from 17-24 Dec for an exchange program with other medical students. on our last night we went to cameron highlands. woot. it was fun there. more for the relaxed side, though, as i was told that genting is more for the kids due to its theme park. nice to be there. HAHA. i need my teh tarik fix pronto. woot. happy holiays.

  4. The 7-hour trip must have been exhausting and yet very exciting because your family and you finally got to be together!

    How are you enjoying this festive season?

    Many thanks for your patience, and for visiting Norwich Daily Photo and leaving your comment. Come visit again tomorrow!

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