Friday night was a blast, at least for my family and I. It was the eve of our trip to Genting Highlands Resort, the so-called mini-Las Vegas-mini-Disneyland of Malaysia. Excitement ruled as I brought my wife and kid for an overnight stay in a budget-friendly hotel in Georgetown, Penang Island.

“Wow, sosyal!” exclaimed Gabby soon after he tapped the card-key and opened the door of our room. Tina and I were smiling ears to ears with Gabby’s astonishment. It’s nice to see our kid happy and knows how to appreciate simple things.

There’s nothing grandiose but Tune hotels is still consistently clean, fresh and a real value-for-money.

It was already my second time to spend a night at Tune in that same branch and for only RM 88 per room (USD 27.9 or PhP 1240), one can have a restful sleep and worry nothing about catching a flight, or in our case, a bus trip to Genting the following morning.

I highly recommend Tune Hotels for those financially-conscious but won’t sacrifice quality of service and cleanliness. *do i get a discount for this, Tune?* πŸ˜€

After few minutes, we walked through one of my favorite eating places in this part of Penang. We had dinner at a nearby restaurant called Santorini…

I wanted Tina and Gabby to experience what I and my colleagues/friends have been enjoying here in Penang. So I ordered my usual-Santorini meal for Tina; it’s Combo plate of various seafoods tossed in a delightful sauce with veggies.

I’m not surprised she liked it. I know her taste of course. πŸ™‚

After filling our tummies, we strolled a few more steps from Santorini and found ourselves looking at aquarium tanks with fresh and salt-water fishes, dogs, cats and other domesticated animals in a 3-floor-pet shop. It was just too bad that cameras are not allowed in the store but nonetheless, Gabby was content seeing large kois in a pond and all those feathered and haired and scaled friendly creatures for free!

We left that airconditioned pet shop at its closing time at few minutes before 10PM and walked to Komtar, the tallest building and famous landmark in Georgetown. We dropped by at Prangin mall and marvelled at their holiday decors.

I honestly never expected a Muslim-predominated country will also dressed its establishments to a Christian-inspired festivity such as Christmas. We like it so much! Don’t you?

prangin mall, georgetown, pulau pinang

Their smiles = my bliss! πŸ˜€

It’s truly almost Christmas even in this part of Malaysia!

Up next : Our Genting Highlands Adventures!


  1. .. gabby really looks like he’s having fun! i googled georgetown and found out that it is a unesco heritage site – very interesting.

  2. i’ll take note of Tune Hotel in case i’ll visit Malaysia πŸ™‚ I too look for budget friendly hotel na ok din. tututlugan mo lang naman kasi cya. Ganda ng pagkkadesign sa mga balloons.

    on a side note…sarap putuking yung mga lobo hehehehe magagalit kaya ang may-ari hahaha

  3. Uuwi pa kaya ang mag-ina mo Doc now that they’re obviously enjoying it there?
    Malaysia at least is one of those “open-minded” Muslim countries that tolerate Christmas, not like Saudi Arabia where I remember religious police will pounce on anyone even greeting a Merry Christmas 😦

    I wish to greet you and your dear family a very Merry Christmas and a fruitful, healthy New Year ahead!

  4. I’m happy for you and your family having a fun time in Malaysia. Talagang Merry yung Christmas ninyo but I’ll still wish you and your family A Merrier Christmas.

  5. You’re right. It’s great that Gabby can appreciate the simple things. You have truly raised a great kid. I can easily see how you and your family love spending time together and new experiences are appreciated. I’ll bear Tune Hotel in mind.

    A couple of days left before the New Year. Are you ready?

    Many thanks for your patience, and for visiting Norwich Daily Photo and leaving your comment. Come visit again tomorrow!

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