After a loooong meeting at work way past lunch time today, my friend/colleague and housemate, Doc Ronnie showed me an online advertisement of a local bank here that made my blood boil.

See for yourself…

screenshot by Dr. Ronnie V. Mayo.

For heaven’s sake, this is discriminatory! Like many Pinoys back home and all over the globe, I take pride in being one. And our entire race would agree that we Filipinos are more than meets the eye. It’s a given fact that we are not only a country of maids and prostitutes.

As Precious Lara Quigaman, the Miss Philippines who took home the 2005 Miss International crown, was asked during the final round the following question:
What do you say to the people of the world who have typecasted filipinos as nannies?
Precious Lara replied, “I take no offense on being typecasted as a nanny. But i do take offense that the educated people of the world have somehow denegrated the true sense and meaning of what a nanny is.”

Quigaman further elaborated: “Let me tell you what she is. She is someone who gives more than she takes. She is someone you trust to look after the very people most precious to you – your child, the elderly, yourself. She is the one who has made a living out of caring and loving other people.”

In closing, Precious ended her nanny speech with, “So to those who have typecasted us as nannies, thank you. It is a testament to the loving and caring culture of the Filipino people. And for that, I am forever proud and grateful of my roots and culture.” That’s a winning answer, ladies and gentlemen! (Sourced via this website)

As for my family, yes, I (still) consider myself as a struggling father but I and my wife are proud in taking efforts in uplifting our lives. The fact that it’s innate with most, if not all Pinoys to strive harder and maintain perseverance and dedication to work, sets us far from these people who look down on us.

On a lighter note but related topic, my wife, our kid and I had been to a medical institution in Penang Island last Sunday…

No, we didn’t bring ourselves for admission; thank God we’re in good condition health-wise. I and Gabby accompanied Tina to her appointment.

She’s trying her luck chance to be employed as an Operating Room Nurse staff in this Joint Commission Internatioal/JCI-accredited medical facility.

More than a week before she came to Penang, Tina emailed the hospital, and the HRD and Nursing Department replied to her positively overnight.

Her initial interview went well; the Assistant Nursing Administrator would like to employ her and was told that it’s only up to her to complete the requirements (she only lacks Certificate of Good Standing from Philippine Nursing Boards which she forgot to secure back home for it was not included in the emailed list of requirements) for her to be registered with the Malaysian Nursing Council and for me to secure her and Gabby their dependent visas. If God wills it, we’ll be able to complete everything before the end of next month.

We’re just maximizing every opportunities available. With my wife’s competence, expertise, responsibility and knowledge about her work, I am confident that she will ace the job. If the good Lord wants Tina to work here early next year, it will surely happen. (If that will be the case, Gabby may continue his schooling here and the 3 of us may need to relocate to the Island too by mid next year). If not, we know He has better plans for us.

The location of Tina’s ‘possible work’ is so inviting –lush and huge trees, accessible roads, nice community that’s so near Plaza Gurney mall.

Would you help us in praying for her to land the job?

Abangan ang susunod na kabanata sa buhay ni Gelo, Tina at Gabby 😀


21 thoughts on “MORE THAN MEETS THE EYE

  1. .. ay patok yan kung meron dito sa saudi pero palitan nila ng “yes”, i can send money for my “mistress”.. haha! seriously manhid na ako sa ganyan gelo, if not baka may nagilitan na ako ng carotid artery – joke! pasensya na at spoiler ako sa application ni tina dyan! goodluck! 😀

  2. I too dont take offense with that. In the current context,that is the trade that a lot of our kababayans go into. It’s not a perception, but a reality. In recent trip to Singapore, I stayed in hostel and one the things the concierge asked me was if I was there looking for a job. I just told her flatly that I was on holiday and they smiled. No offense at all. Penang is LOVELY island, planning to go back there sometime soon and explore Georgetown again…

    1. hi ivan! so nice of you to visit my humble blog; you know i’m a fan.
      THANK YOU!

      thanks for commenting. really appreciate it.
      i agree with you that it’s a reality. but then again it affects me.
      in more than 2 occasions, my colleagues have been asked here too by locals if they’re working in a factory here despite the fact that they’re MD-lecturers.
      i know there’s nothing wrong being a maid or factory worker but i just don’t understand why some people put stigma to pinoys that we’re only capable of such line of work inspite of the fact that we can do more.
      it’s a challenge for all of us, particularly for expats and OFWs to prove that we’re beyond their expectations.

      PS : wala ka bang malacanang tour in between dec 27-30?

  3. hi Gelo,
    good luck to Tina, hopefully everything will gonna be fine.
    just one info to share to u, if possible they hired Tina then u need to convert her dependent visa to a working visa. bcoz she cannot work here if shes still holding a dependent visa..anyway,u guys can find out this at immigration (or by Tina’s employer).

    bout the ad, well, they just assume that all Filipinos here are working dh,..which is wrong. lam mo naman mga yan, kala nila porket nagwo work dito ei napakababa na para sa kanila, huh! ako nga, im staying here for almost 6yrs, and sometimes i myself also encountered such this treatment..only they change after i told them “saya kawin sine,local”(im married here with local).kakaluka talaga. i wish u guys na masasanay din..anyway, have fun with ur Genting adventure,im sure u guys will definitely fun fun fun..

  4. we Filipinos are realy competent in any trade, your wife included and there is always plentry of work and opportunities for competent people. she will land a job soon,. thats for sure Doc. about the online transfer and maid thing, natuwa na nga rin sana ako kasi nga online transfer.mabilis kaso yung natag ang Pinay as OFW is medyo masakit. it’s a sad reality pero most Filipinos abroad naman are skilled so pangit parin at offensive yan sakin

    1. anton, salamat for your kind words for tina.
      as mentioned, she’s just taking chances. if she gets the job, salamat.
      kundi, ok din lang. we leave everything to the Lord as we do our part.

  5. All Pinoys who work abroad are matalino kahit ano pang work coz we can speak English and communicate well even domestic helpers, ok lang yun. The most important things are we travel, see places at the same time earn
    money for our family in the Philippines and make them happy. Congrats Tina, next year pasyal ako dyan.

  6. taray ni precious, wagi pala tlga siya! kinareer!

    i really hope tina will get the job para magkakasama kayo jan. ayoko na malungkot ang topic ng blog mo doc, hindi kasi bagay sayo =)

  7. ang galing naman ng sagot ni Lara Quigaman–mulat ang mata nya at isipan.
    it is sad that we are being typecast as domestics pero yon kasi ang reality. in fact, ang ibang Pinoy ganon na rin mag-isip. a few years ago, namamasyal ako sa Hk kasama ng isang kaibigan at may nakasabay kaming mga Pinay na galing sa simbahan. medyo naliligaw kami at nagtanong ng directions. ang bait naman, hinatid pa kami sa sakayan sabay remind sa amin [dahil daw bagong salta kami] na maging mabait sa amo. tumango at ngumiti na lang kami.:p
    dignity comes from within. so it doesn’t really matter what “they” think of us, what matters is what we think of ourselves.

    if the job is for your wife, she will get it.:p

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