It was already 11AM last Saturday when we arrived at our penthouse from Penang Airport. We only dropped off my wife and kid’s luggage and bags, took shower and off we went to my favorite mall in this part of Malaysia; where else but Queensbay Mall.

Since it was already more than 2 hours past noon time, the priority in our agenda on Tina and Gabby’s first day in Penang was to seek gastronomic indulgence.

I took them at a Shanghainese restaurant called DRAGON-i.

The casual and non-intimidating food place is located at the centermost portion of the mall on its 2nd floor, overlooking the glorious bay and that 42-km magnificence, Penang bridge.

Boiled peanuts for appetizer…

Hand-pulled noodles mixed with flavorful soy sauce and seafoods; delicious!

Fried rice with fried pork chops. This pair didn’t satisfy Tina, perhaps because it wasn’t that crispy or was a bit oily for her.

Gabby and I were amused with this dimsum filled with red mung bean. Aren’t they too cute for words?

He also ordered soup-filled steamed crab and seafood dumpling, XiaoLongBao.
(Xiaolong = small steaming basket)

Shrimp siomai, anyone?

Whether enjoying street foods (at hawkers in Gurney Drive, Penang) or dining somewhere with more relaxed ambiance, or simply eating meals at the comfort of your own dining tables, what matters most is spending time with your loved ones. Agree? πŸ˜€



  1. Now that’s my kind of dining – relaxed atmosphere and plenty of seafood! I will definitely ask you for tips when we visit Penang. Everything looks good, and those piggies are adorable!

    A couple of days left before the New Year. Are you ready?

    Many thanks for your patience, and for visiting Norwich Daily Photo and leaving your comment. Come visit again tomorrow!

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