Five months have been my longest physical absence from my family. Apparently, I missed Gabby a lot since I left him and her mom for work here in Penang last 29th July. So when the two of them arrived here last Saturday, every second has been truly momentous.

I was so excited to see him again, so thrilled to check how he has grown with only her mom on his side. I remember seeing him first on video-call via skype with only one front tooth then but now, he has 2 already. πŸ˜€ He remains to be my boy wonder. I should give all the credits and praises to her lovely mom, Tina. *thanks, honey!*

On their 3rd day here in Penang, I brought Gabby to work because Tina has to attend to her appointment in a medical institution here.

It’s very flattering to hear comments from my fellows here that Gabby’s good looking and seems to be a nice boy. *ehem, blame it on genetics!*

And since the medical university-college where I am working (with 23 other brilliant Filipino MD-lecturers) has yet to put up a Day Care Center soon for all employees’ children as part of our benefits, I took Gabby first at our faculty room. He lorded my work station and played with another kid, the son of my colleague.

Look how kulit they were so early on a Monday morning at my work desk…

I had to relocate to a vacant table of a colleague who’s currently in Manila just for my place to accomodate these 2 kids.
My laptop, daily morning papers and whatnot needed to be transfered too.

I have to take extra care of him everytime we ride Rapid Penang bus.
I have to prepare his food, snacks and drinks.
I have to accompany him to the toilet whenever needed.

I had to convinced him to doze off in the afternoon even on a couch beside our photocopying machine.

And because Tina was requested to report back to her appointment on Thursday, I’ll take Gabby again with me to work on that day.
I’m not complaining.
I so missed this thing called fatherhood.



16 thoughts on “KIDS WILL BE KIDS

  1. .. i know the word “complain” does not exist in you gelo when it comes to gabby. hope tina gets a job there, tapos isama nyo na rin ako! haha!

    1. who says tina’s applying here? hehehe… ikaw naman, rob spoiling the moment, biro lang…
      check your email, i’ve forwarded the requirements.
      tara na dito, relocate ka na!
      let’s go to the island…

  2. sarap maging parent! good thing you get the chance to bond with gabby! πŸ™‚

    is tina applying for work? if she is, i pray that she gets it so you can be together there!

  3. I was teary eyed, it’s that thing called fatherhood, and you are so loving it! My husband’s not as demonstrative, but i know he feels the same way.

  4. That’s sweet. And it’s good Gabby gets to see his father in action.

    Are you drawing up list of resolutions for 2011?

    Many thanks for your patience, and for visiting Norwich Daily Photo and leaving your comment. Come visit again tomorrow!

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