Dear blogger-friends and readers,

This week has been crazy and the following days will be eventful.

I had to reformat and reinstall an Operating System to my laptop after my Windows had shut down improperly and left me with no internet, no computer-use for 2 long days (yesterday was even a holiday here in Penang). *kung nasa Pinas lang ako, ang dali pumunta sa Gilmore or Greenhills to seek help* I felt so futile without my laptop, worse to be dissociated from the world wide web. Yes, admittedly, I am net-dependent but know less of these things.
After my colleague lent me his installer, Thank God, I am online again!
However, I never thought that the process of rebooting, reinstalling, uploading what needs to be uploaded again will be so tedious for I’ve never done any of these before. Admittedly, Tina is more tech-savvy than me. I have little patience when things have complexities and hassles in between.
Anyway, while I’m still befriending my new system, I promise to visit your sites early next week and to update this blog on those dates. I’ll definitely share to you my reunion with my family as I’ll fetch them from Penang Airport this Saturday morning and the many things to happen thereafter.

I’ll appreciate if you can pray for their safe trip from Manila to Penang this Friday-PM-Saturday-AM.
Till then…
Thanks! šŸ˜€


10 thoughts on “TILL NEXT WEEK

  1. Doc, don’t worry we can wait till next week, so excited for you that you’ll finally reunite with your family, “umaatikabong” ….lam mo na…posts yan pag ganyang matagal absent sa blog, hahaha (kala mo ha lol)…can’t wait to read your posts na šŸ˜‰ by the way, gift mo na lang sa sarili mo…bagong laptop hehehe

  2. Oh sad to hear that.

    That happened to me too. I believe a virus infiltrated my pc. Windows would not even open/load.

    What did we do? We let the pc hibernate (we didn’t attempt to turn it on) for days. We had laptops to use anyway, except that all our photos are stored in the pc šŸ˜¦

    After a week or so, we tried turning on the pc and lo and behold, everything was fine. I was told, not sure how accurate this info is, that any virus would die if your system/pc is inactive for days.

    So far so good. Everything is there, all files, all photos, everything.

    Any techie here who would like to respond or explain what happened to my pc and why everything got restored after days of hibernation?

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