Dear fellow bloggers,

What would you feel if someone asked  permission from you via private message in facebook inbox that she will use your photos (from blog and fb)  for his/her marketing stuff without specifying the exact pictures and number of photos to be used, never gave credits and worse, if she exerted time despite her allegedly busy schedule, of cropping your photos’ watermarks before uploading them all the next day on her company’s facebook fan page 

After I relayed to her through private message too on facebook that I felt disappointed of her act, she even had the nerve to tell me to “get back on my accusations or at least ask explanation in a benevolent way because sarcasm  is not something that gel well with her.”

I was not even sarcastic but only true to my thoughts.

Read : Although I can be obnoxious if you want to.

I felt I was robbed.   disrepected.   disregarded.   morally offended.  

And you?

Her greatest problem : She does not know that the word APOLOGY has been existing for ages.

For some and perhaps for her, this issue is petty but for me it is not, simply because I take pride and passion in everything that I do.  


docgelo 😦

PS :  People should avoid messing up with bloggers, don’t you think so?


18 thoughts on “DAMN WRONG!

  1. nakapag comment na naman ako sayo dba doc kanina sa twitter. add ko lang. hay. hirap sa mga tao, sila na nga nakagawa ng kasalanan, parang sila may gana magalit. tsk.

  2. I would feel the same way as yours, kakadisappoint talaga and sometimes scary if someone just grabbed your photos online and used them against you. Hay ang nagagawa nga naman ng new technology. Sana lang wag kang siraan. Pero doc, eto naman ang masasabi ko….sikat ka na! hehehe feel mo ba?? By the way, I’m excited to tell you I was in Kablogs Journal spotlight feature this Dec issue hehehe (natakot tuloy ako nang mabasa ko tong post mo, kung kelan pa naman ako nagshow up hahaha).

      1. btw, my photos that were used without credits and deleted watermarks were all taken in penang, malaysia.

        the person at fault deliberately removed what she uploaded to her site from my blog posts/fb page but again wasn’t apologetic of what she did.

  3. can they take before asking? are the photos on facebook available to all? or do they tag themselves to make it available to them? either way, that’s not right.

  4. I can’t imagine anyone cropping the photo to take off the watermark. Sana nag ask na lang ng copy from you and give due credit. I hope the other person will be shaken up one day and finally learn to respect.

  5. Well, the husband had the same problem with one huge company here in our city before, we felt we were also robbed, kaso lang, tapos na eh, we complained but to no avail.

  6. bad trip yan. sino sya docgelo ng masampulan natin! he he!

    may mga ganyan talagang tao…ang tawag dyan mga walang modo. sabi nga nila, you can’t buy and teach breeding. so kahit anong gawin mo, for they won’t apologize.

    these people, in whatever form they may be, make my blood boil.

  7. That is sad… you are so kind to give her permission to use your pictures… and instead of thanking and acknowledging you in her page… she steals your copyright!
    Nothing we can do about it… some people are just insensitive.

  8. sigh. ang dami ng ganyan ngayon…nakaka offend talaga. That’s why it’s not even safe to post photos on FB if you’re concerned about copyright..madaling magaya.Sadly, i’ve been a victim of people like these too. Let’s continue to be vigilant!

  9. aha, eto na yun! well, uso ba ang pag-plagiarize ngayon? ang daming gumagawa nito ngayon ah. well i hope she eventually apologizes to you. mahirap din may kasama sa work na hindi mo kasundo.

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