Tis the season of gift-giving!

And I just got my first present from a colleague the other day.

I was so surprised to received one of those handwoven-souvenirs brought by our young friend from Myanmar.

I think it’s more of an ornament-display because my friends hang it in front of their work desks while I brought them home and hang it along side with a mini-Malaysian flag that I got from an event we attended after Ramadan.

Thank you, Dr. Phoo!

I wish we could save and travel to your place of birth someday.


Don’t you just like receiving a piece of another country? 

Let me ask you, what would you give to someone as a souvenir from your country?  Sige nga… 😀


10 thoughts on “A PIECE OF MYANMAR

  1. oo nga ano, how nice it would be to visit myanmar. not too many people “dream” of going there. pag nakasave ka docgelo sama mo naman ako. he he!

  2. Naks naman it’s a nice souvenir especially if it’s a gift from a colleague,I like collecting souvenirs from different places too ;-). For me I would give a refrigerator magnet with “philippines” name on it or keychain hmmm uy nagcocollect ng ideas lol. Doc, btw I was featured in kablogs journal for dec issue under spotlight feature baka gusto mong dumalaw hehe

  3. ay, hindi ako dinalhan ng ganyan ng erpats ko nung nagbusiness trip sya dun. 😦 aawayin ko nga mamaya. lol. joke lang, ang inuwi sa akin ni daddy from myanmar dati eh mga semi precious earrings. 😀

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