CHILDREN, SAY 741,176,323.20 PESOS!

And so I heard, a solitary soul won the grand lotto jackpot in Pinas. 

I have never imagined myself winning such luck! But just in case,  probably I will :

  1. Buy a lot somewhere in Tagaytay and build our dream house with wonderful garden and minimalist oriental interiors.
  2. Buy a couple of cars but not the luxurious ones.
  3. Help my immediate and extended family financially.
  4. Invest on anything about food; either build our own resto from scratch or franchise Jollibee and McDonald’s or other fast foods and fine dining food places we like.
  5. Donate sincerely / anonymously to charity : institutions like public hospitals, orphanages, home for the ageds here.
  6. Establish our very own foundation for the needy and generate jobs.
  7. TRAVEL. TRAVEL. TRAVEL the globe! I want to explore Europe and Latin America, Australia, go back to Tokyo, New Zealand, Bangkok and other parts of Asia with my family.
  8. And the list goes on… That will be all for now. I’ll update this soon…

And you? What will you do if you become mucho dinero?


16 thoughts on “CHILDREN, SAY 741,176,323.20 PESOS!

  1. i had a hard time imagining what i would do with the money, but one this is for sure; i’ll quit my job and not work for a long, long time! he he!

  2. same with kg, i’ll quit my job and put up my own business ng mapalago yung pera. like you travel too. same for the education of my son, buy things, donate some, buy a new cam complete with all the accessories hehehe. hayyy swertehan lang talaga. pero buti na din at natamaan na din cya. at least hindi na ako tataya hahahaha.

  3. I’d donate a tenth para makapagpatayo ng seminary diocese namin, invest a tenth at Heavenly Chocolates, take a trip around the world, take a course at Le Cordon Bleu, and get liposuction! Hahahahaha… :p

  4. hay, buti na lang natamaan na sya. matitigil na rin ang kahibangan ko sa kakataya at kakapangarap sa mga gagawin kapag ako nakakuha ng jackpot.

  5. That’s really a lot of money to think about sasakit yata ang ulo ko. If ever, I’ll be donating money to charity, help family members, set up a business and do a round-the-world travel for 2 years! Ang sarap mangarap!

    1. i don’t think you need to win in a lottery to travel the globe, dennis.
      because you already did trodding the planet since God knows when. *envious me* hehehe

  6. And you? What will you do if you become mucho dinero? I’ll think about it when I already have the money. In the meantime, I’ll just keep on dreaming.

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