Before my wife raises her eyebrow, I’m talking about food.  

Japanese food, baby. 🙂

When I was in Tokyo last summer, I had an affair with one of my favorite soups.  I savored it then more frequently than I can imagine.  The most authentic and the best Sukiyaki set that I’ve ever tasted was from a restaurant that I missed out to recall located in Yurakucho.

Other than its thinly marbled and juicy beef slices submerged in very tasteful broth, I liked it so much because I had it for free.  My Japanese acquaintances treated me for lunch and didn’t ask me to pay Y1000 (PhP 500) for that set.

Then again, there were days in Gotanda that I settled for its cheaper yet satiating version from Yoshinoya, Y500 (PhP 250).

Whenever my wife, our kid and I dine out in Japanese restaurants back home, I never fail to sample Sukiyaki of course.

From Umu at Dusit Thani Manila, the best Sukiyaki in town, in my opinion.

From Omakase at Il Terrazo (and Libis), Quezon City


From Zensho, Tomas Morato, Quezon City …

Enough with my drooling for Sukiyaki.

Last Saturday, my 2 housemate-friends brought me to SAKAE SUSHI to sample Japanese yummies from its branch at Plaza Gurney, Gurney Drive, Penang.

Ambience is  casual dining, non-intimidating.

 The most interesting part in this food place is the mini conveyor belt where you can simply grab your sushi cravings from.


Everything looks oishi!

Prices at Ringgit (RM1=PhP 14)…

We got some red plates…

Delicious sushi covered with generous serving of roe with cucumber slices and soft shelled crab filling. Sarap!

As I browsed their menu, I knew what I wanted.

If Sukiyaki won my heart over Miso soup, my favorite Temaki is Soft Shelled Crab!  It’s the best, I tell you!

Another goody from the conveyor belt : Soft Shelled Crab (can’t get enough!) with cheesy chili sauce on vermicelli.

Tempura Ramen for doc Ronnie…

doc Alvin chose to enjoy Chicken Katsu Don + Mochi balls…

But his ultimately divine dessert was chocolate and vanilla ice cream waffle called Chocholate Yaki…

You might thought I’d leave Sakae Sushi without sampling their Sukiyaki ?  Hell, no! hehehe.. 😀

Sweet and salty. It wasn’t the best for me, but was good enough to satisfy my craving.

Sakae Sushi got branches all over Penang and 2 in Pinas too!

Tina loves  Japanese also, so does Gabby. He likes Kani and Ebi tempura. 

Bottom line of this post, it made me hungry and yes, I’m eager to bring my family to Japanese restaurants here in Penang.

We’ve got to wait until the 11th of December for that much awaited  reunion.

Till then.

Burp! 🙂


  1. soft shelled crab! haha wala na akong masabi.

    I guess you’re super excited na for the 11th. Am anticipating your posts then! Doc, question, what is the best medical school there in Malaysia (without being biased). Thanks!

    1. i remember it was you who suggested for us to try omakase, right?

      how’s med school treating you? or have you already earned your degree?

      without being biased (ang hirap), Allianze College of Medical Sciences (ACMS) is the only one med school with 4 twinning program with the other medical universities here in Malaysia and Ireland.

      I’ve posted something about ACMS and our program, you may want to read back that entry, JP. thanks! 😀

  2. “Before my wife raises her eyebrow, I’m talking about food.” If you keep teasing your wife like that, you are not going to get any when she arrives LOL.

  3. alam mo doc, ikaw dapat sisihin sa pagkakaroon ko ng love affair sa jap food! ikaw ang salarin!!!
    diba fave din natin ang sukiyaki sa UMU?
    kainggit yung super authentic sukiyaki from japan! winner!

  4. hmmm im not a fan os sukiyaki. for japanese foods ok na ako sa sushi, sashimi at maki oh and tempura too hehehe. may salad pala akong natikman sa john and yoko na nagustuhan ko din.

  5. Kaya pala familiar ang name, nakita ko na yan sa moa hehe. waffle pala yung nasa picture! namiss ko ang zensho. o dba umabot ako dun. effort sa ngalan ng pagkain hahaha!! :))

  6. Ironically, I’ve never gone to Sakae Sushi even if I’m often at MoA! Masubukan nga – and I wonder if they have those chocolate waffles here…

  7. i also love japanese food. sukiyaki, unagi and maki are my comfort food. nung bata kasi ako, yan ang lagi inoorder nila mama and daddy pag nasa japanese resto kami. 😀 tsaka shempre, dami dami kong meiji chocolates dati. hihihihi. si daddy kasi dati lagi ang business trips sa japan. 🙂

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