Dear Gabby,

Yesterday after work, 2 of my housemates-colleagues and I went to the Island with no plans in mind but to de-stress. We ate dinner at one of our default fast foods here, what else but KFC (wala kasing Jollibee e!) then after I dunked my fork and knife at those chunky crispy Original-recipe chix, we roamed around the newly opened (the launch was like 2 days ago) 1st Avenue Mall in Georgetown, Pulau Pinang.

It reminded me of Gateway and Glorietta where we used to stroll like mall-rats before I went here.  The smell of newly painted interiors wafted as we enter 1st Avenue; its strong air conditioning was such a welcoming stimulus amidst the Pinas-like humidity of Penang.

A lot of stores and shops are still yet to open. Nonetheless, the Parkson Department Store, similar to Rustan’s back home has an on-going sale that will end tomorrow, Sunday but will have another Mega Sale on December according to the sale staff.

I bought an extra pillow (my 6th actually)  for you to use here as you and your mom arrive at exactly 13 days from now (countdown never stops!)

I promise, I’ll take you there at 1st Avenue on your first Monday here. *naka-ready na ang itineraries, anak!*

I want you and your mom to view a piece of Pulau Pinang at dusk from the 1st Avenue Mall’s Level 8 viewing deck called Cloud 8…

Anyone will have a different impression of Penang when viewed from the top…

I did not take pictures inside the mall as there’s nothing new to me.

I have to admit that malls in Pinas are so much better and bigger (Miss ko na din Greenbelt, Trinoma and Bonifacio High Street-Serendra) than what we have here in this part of Malaysia nevertheless, their edge over the rest of the malls there are the massive “buy-me-take-me-home” discounts ranging from 50 to as huge as 70 –80% off! Saya dito, Anak kung may extra budget nga lang sana lagi, hehehe..

So, it’s a date at 1st Avenue on December 13.  See you & your mom here on December 11th.

I love you, Gabby!

-Tatay-doc. 😀

5 thoughts on “VIEW FROM THE TOP

  1. Dear Gabby, alam mo bang Tatay Doc is already very excite to see you, am sure you know that, so be ready because Tatay Doc will tire your feet with the itineraries he has prepared. And the food, ready your tummy, Gabby dear!

  2. maganda nga ang aerial view. naku im sure Gabby is so much excited, or better yet all of you just cant wait o see each other. di bale almost 11 days na lang.

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