To the woman who makes my heart beat purposely and the one who makes my days meaningful,

‘Ney, you know how Gabby and I love you dearly; cliche it may sound but our lives aren’t complete without you.  You and Gabby are my greatest blessings!  

Sorry for all my shortcomings and thank you for all the love and understanding you’ve been giving me for almost 7 years (+3 years prior to our marriage) and counting.  

Happy Birthday to the woman who rules my universe! 😀  ILOVEYOU+Gabby so much!

I’ll see you and Gabby here in Penang in 18 days! 😀 

Sundan na natin si Gabby?!!! 😀


42 thoughts on “HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HONEY!

  1. I’m glad that my wife is internet challenged, otherwise I’ll be spending more time than I deserved in the doghouse. You are setting a standard for husbands that is hard to match! Some people are born lucky, other marries lucky…I think your wife is one of the latter. Am I wrong?

    1. you know gabby’s bangkok baby, no we pray for penang baby.
      kung may coming soon, let’s see. kung wala, ayos lang. enjoy enjoy!

      punta ka dito on your next vacation…

  2. happy birthday po to your lovely wife. I see in you a picture of a happy family. good husband, lovely and intelligent wife and a bibo son. with agood career , what more can you ask for. you are blessed doc.

  3. OMG, a bad case of missing each other terribly. mukhang susundan na nga, hahaha. You must bew soo counting the days Doc. Happy birthday to the missus 🙂

    1. hi ms. aj.
      thanks for swinging back here.
      you’re so right; i terribly miss my family despite the fact that i’ve been only away for 4 months, parang 4 years na!

      countdown to our reunion here in penang begins : 15 days na lang…

  4. Wow ang sweet naman ni Doc, parang kulang na lang ay suman para isawsaw sa mala asukal mong pagmamahal hehehe….uyy miss na miss na ni doc si Ms Tina….doc hinay hinay lang ha! hinay hinay sa pagmamahal…kaw talaga. I like your wife’s “mole” bagay sa kanya.

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