Do you believe in signs?

I’m not superstitious but I know there’s truth to things that are being governed by forces of nature.

Last night, 7 of my friends and colleagues and I enjoyed our Saturday afternoon at Queensbay Mall in the Island (yes, it has been our usual place where we spend our lazy weekend to unwind).  We watched Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows; which for a movie-goer like me who hasn’t read its book version fell a little less in terms of visuals compared to the other parts of the series. Can’t blame the production people for apparently, the story and the movie should be dark to begin with.  Nonetheless, I’m still looking forward how it’ll end on its final part next year.

After the movie at around 8:30PM, we had quick bites for our dinner then headed to the bus stop. There we saw huge number of High School students who came in their respective bas sekolah (school buses) already geared and dressed for the Penang Bridge International Marathon 2010. I personally thought that these kids and their schools were both crazy in choosing to spend the night at the vicinity of the mall where starting line is and wait for 7AM. (Whole-Bridge 42K run starts 2AM).  But I was wrong.

docRonnie and I registered for the PIBM and  thought of going to the Island (by bus, ferry and bus again) from our place at around 5AM to reach the starting line before 7AM.

There were more than 23,500 runners from 13 years old and up who enlisted to join.

4 days ago, we claimed our marathon’s pack that came with the registration fee of RM15 (PhP 210) that includes an official Fun Run T-shirt, runner’s guide book and some freebies from their sponsors (liniment and gel in sachets, 30% discount coupon from New Balance shoes etc) in a non-woven bag. 

 I even bought a new pair of Nike shoes.

But did we run?


Why ?

I guess, some things are really not meant to be.

These are the few signs…

1. We initially intended to participate the 10K competitive race (despite my lack of practice in jogging and being a supposedly first-time runner) but Ronnie and I were late in the registration.  Because we only go to Queensbay mostly on weekends or when we’re off at work, the only open division when we paid our registration fee was the 10K FUN RUN, nevertheless, we decided to join.

2. When I woke up at 4 this morning and knocked at docRonnie’s door to wake him up, it was raining. It’s unhealthy to run and sweat in the rain, is it not ?

Inspite of the rain, we got up, geared up for the event and hit the streets to the bus stop; thinking that it might not be raining at the route of the race.

3. We were at the bus stop at exactly 5:30AM.  We’ve waited until after an hour but to no avail. There was no sight of buses going to Penang Sentral/jetty except for the private company buses.

Teksi (taxi cabs) are scarce here in Penang unless you’re at the terminal or you phone them for a fare not less than RM12 (PhP 168).

We could have earlier thought  to spend the night before the run in a hotel at Georgetown or somewhere nearby the race’s starting line.

At 6:30AM, my mosquito-bitten thighs and legs succumbed to docRonnie’s suggestion that we go home and continue our Sunday rest.

I hit the shower again and had my first marathon in my dreams. 😀




16 thoughts on “SIGNS

  1. What a marathon you’ve been to? so how was the run? in your dreams? tired? LOL! Hahaha, ang cute naman, idaan ba sa signs, oo na, alibi pa eh, haha! Joke lang doc!

  2. hehehe kakatuwa naman. minsan i experienced that too. “pag hindi uukol hindi bubukol”. Tama si KG, there is always next time. At least, you had a good sleep again hehehe.

    1. i’ve ran a few meters with them prior to the date of the marathon.
      but i haven’t heard of that too. probably it’s logical for the feet to be used to the shoes first before any big event, eh? 🙂

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