I never felt so helpless in my 34 years of existence until the past 48 hours.

While my 6-year-old son was having episodes of vomiting after meals, loose bowel movements on top of intermittent fever ranging from 38’C to 40’C + and was complaining that his head hurts, I was only on skype to monitor him.  How pathetic was that?

I feel so sorry that I am not beside him to assess what’s wrong with him; was not there to give him medicine, was physically absent to feed him and cannot personally bring him to hospital for laboratory check up, neither I can even comfort him to say the least. 😦

My wife, Tina who was with Gabby the whole time he was sick, had difficulty in dealing with the situation alone despite being a nurse herself.  We both broke down to tears while we’re on skype;  my experience was more painful, worse I felt futile because I cannot do anything but pray.

As early as Monday afternoon, she brought our son to a private hospital where blood tests revealed lymphocytosis (an elevated volume of specific white blood cells) which could mean presence viral infection; thankfully his platelet count was within normal count ruling out Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever.

With prayers, love and support from family members, relatives, friends and even anonymous blog and facebook buddies and intake of  prescribed antipyretic and increase volume of fluids and much needed rest, Gabby’s feeling better now. Update : he became febrile again this Thursday morning and will be brought back to the hospital for follow up consult and repeat blood tests.

In those moments, I know I was only helpless but certainly not hopeless for I know God is with us.

I wish I will have the means next year to bring my family here in Penang not only for  a vacation  but for them to stay with me here for good as I continue with my work.  This will all happen if Tina can find work here after I have applied dependent/calling visas for the 2 of them and only if we can afford sending Gabby to an International School here.

My wife and I can only wish and plan things out for the best, but still, we’re both submissive to His will.



9 thoughts on “AGONY OF AN OFW DADDY

  1. My son has got the mumps too, and was adviced to stay at home and rest for a week, hay naku, uso sakit ngayon, but i just pray and commit everything to the Lord. I know He will take care of Gabby too, docgelo!

  2. i almost cried while reading your post. I can feel your pain and Gabby’s as well.

    My son too has virus (daw) were he got a lot of rashes all over his body. I was thinking na measles na cya pero sabi ng doctor sa ER eh dapat matamlay ang bata. He have to absent himself from school pa hayyy.

    We’ll pray for your son’s recovery 🙂 I know naman that HE will guide you and your family in times like this one 🙂

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