Last month, we temporarily left our work desks, classrooms and conference rooms as we attended to our medical university-college’s annual Strategic Meeting…

The venue was impressive; we spent 3D2N at The Regency, Jerai Hill Resort on top of the hills of Gunung Jerai in Penang.

We’re literally cloud-kissed when we’re there; ang ginaw all through out our stay and we heard that the climate is consistent all through out the year.

We’re assigned to different villas, around 3 – 4 per room.  I was with 3 other Pinoy colleagues.

Just like our very own Summer Capital, Baguio City, “no-air-conditioning” needed here…

The rooms were equipped with essentials we need; however our toilet’s water heater failed 2x, one of us had to report it to the concierge; it was fixed immediately.

Team building games, bonding activities, motivational talks lorded our first day…

No, I didn’t sing or did an intermission number, ha ha! 😀  I just helped out people of our Library department present our collective suggestions and recommendations…

Dinner time …

The buffet spread had nothing to rave about.  To be honest, it made me missed more the hotel dishes back home…Nonetheless, tummies were filled and warmed after a long and tiring day and hey, I’m not complaining for it’s free! 🙂

There were singing, dancing for two nights every after dinner. No colors, races, religions kept us away from enjoying those nights.

My Filipino colleagues family in Penang : Doctors All! So proud to be working with all of these brilliant medical educators.

Admittedly, the entire activity was so tiring exhausting but I honestly appreciate the efforts (and the massive expenses!) of the company just to seek improvements not only on individual’s work performances but more so in bringing all of us together to gear toward its common goals and vision.

On a lighter note, I brought home 2 prizes, a nice rice cooker with steamer and a 30cm-Meyer non-stick frying cookware from being awarded 2x as one those staffs who had early accomplished the form of “getting to know my colleagues” (we’re instructed to interact and get the names, age, bday, birthplace, marital status, # of kids and hobbies from each other–and attendees were close to 180+!)  😀


13 thoughts on “DAYS IN THE CLOUDS

  1. wow nice food, nice place, nice event, and nice of you doc!! congrats nanalo ka, parang most friendly ba ang award? naks naman, sayang kung nasa Pinas ka nun umuwi ako papa autograph sana ako sayo e hehehe, wait nasan ang picture nun prize mo??

    1. hello sardz! hindi naman ako most friendly, most obnoxious siguro, ha ha .. biro lang.
      ako papa-autograph sa yo pagnagkita tayo! kaya lang nasa washington ka na kaya.
      sana mgkasabay tayo ng uwi sa pinas someday.

      picture ng prizes ko? wala e; forgot to take one. almost a month na namin ginagamit yung non stick frying pan; pero yung rice coooker naka box pa; we’re using my personally bought rice cooker already e. reserba na lang yung premyo. 🙂

  2. being good at name recall is really a big advantage….me rice cooker ka na, me frying pan pa. malay mo–ref naman bitbitin mo naman next time

    about the training, as in most trainings, di man perfect —kudos talaga sa to any company who is thinking about the advancement of its employees!!! sandali doc—bat pala malamik dyan sa area na yan? elevated din like baguio?

    1. me, winning a fridge? ha ha, i wish!

      yes, the resort is located on the highest peak of the hills of gunung jerai, penang; kaya sorbang ginaw! we breathed fog literally when we’re there.
      masaya pero nakakapagod din syempre.

      thanks, anton for dropping by.

  3. yap the company shouldered a huge bill if there were under 200 people in all in that team-building activity/outing.

    but i think this is really essential in motivating the worker.

    the pic – pi’s lost, malaysia’s gain.

  4. sa dami nyong educators from the Philippines, it proves once again that the caliber of teaching given by Pinoys is really above standard. nakaka-taba ng puso!

    yung award mo pala, para yatang mr. congeniality ang equivalent kung sa beauty pageant pa yun. lol!

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