“Megamind is the world’s greatest super villain, and the least successful. Trying over and over to take over Metro City only to foiled time after time by Metro Man, the world’s greatest cape hero.” -sourced via

Dear Gabby,

Yesterday, 2 of my friends here in Penang and I watched the 3D cartoon movie MEGAMIND at Queensbay Mall.

It’s a fun-action-comedy-flick with a bit matured theme on winning, good vs evil, courage and friendship and a lot more.

I thought of you and your mom the whole time I was watching it.  I know you’ll like it too, I’m not just sure about Tina if she’ll agree because it’s in 3D here. You know how your mom gets dizzy with those 3D glasses on.

In other words anak, miss ko na naman kayo. 😦

Anyway,  in TWENTY SIX DAYS we’ll be reunited again after 4 months of being physically away from you as you and your mom have your 2-week-break here in my workplace.

We’ll watch NARNIA here and I promise to take you around the island and more when you arrive here.

Can’t wait for that day, Gabby.

For now, give your mom a long embrace and sweet kisses for me.

Iloveyou+Tina. 😀



11 thoughts on “MEGAMIND

    1. kakastart din lang din ata ng showing nyan dito.
      aliw naman sya!

      hindi sayang ang 16 ringgit (3D kasi kaya mahal [xPhP14]…pag regular movie dito it’s only RM7 or RM10).

  1. waaaaa kakalungkot naman, nakakamiss nga ang family pag nanonood ng movie na wala sila, I’m outdated na yata sa mga new release movies di ko alam may Mega Mind na movie pala hehehe maybe we should watch that too, never been to theaters here yet

  2. Isama mo na rin ang Harry Potter sa panonoorin nyo ni Gabby 🙂

    I’ll just wait for this on Netflix doc. As much as I wanted to, budget constraints force me to limit my cinema going activities to the MUST SEEs only.

    Hope you’re having a good week so far.

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