One of the agonies of an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) like me is being physically absent in those moments that are supposed to be shared with the entire family.
But thanks to modern technology, those memories can reach you in a blink.
my 6-year-old son, Gabby is second from right, geared up as a scarecrow

This morning, my loving wifey, Tina immediately posted photos of our kid, Gabby in her facebook account. The pictures were taken from Gabby’s preschool Halloween Party.

She told me that they woke up at 5 in the morning, set up Gabby’s make up and dressed him up to the part for the 8AM kiddie party.

so there were ninja, pocahontas, glam girl, Gabby as scarecrow and lady vampire at Twinkle Toes Academy Inc. preschool Halloween Party 2010


PANALO !!! Gabby with his preschool teachers, Teacher Ofie (Nursery) and Teacher Janet (Prep); not in photo Teacher Claire (Kinder)

Of course, GABBY!  He’s been winning it for 2 years in a row!

Last year, he was the coolest Ninja…

Even Mr. Edu Manzano commented, “You look good!” 3x when we spotted him at Greenbelt 5 last year.

Can’t blame the guy; my son’s really cute, right? he he he 😀

Way to go, Tina+Gabby!

Victory Party at 711? LOL!

I love you so much! Miss you!

See you in a month and half time here in Penang!


23 thoughts on “TRICK OR TREAT 2010

  1. Congratulations to Gabby ! Well deserved ! And congrats to the parents!
    Wow… Gabby is a big boy na!
    Looks like lady vampire has a crush on Gabby ! 😉

      1. thanks, iana!
        …lam mo tina only spent few pesos for that cheap face painting make-up and the rest of the costume was gabby and her own. now wasn’t that so resourceful? so proud of them both!

  2. .. when i saw gab’s pictures from tina’s facebook, i knew he will receive an award again! my kumare is really creative! =)

    1. tina has no proper make up training, in fact she’s a late bloomer when it comes to that department. but she delivers, right?! 😀

      i’ll tell you a little secret : pag lalabas kami, kulang 1 oras for her to do her make up. parang sasagala lang! 😀

      *iloveyou honey!*

  3. congrat’s doc and mam tina and of course to the only one gabby,, very nice dress up and make up…it really look like’s a scare crow in the city…hehehe… god bless!!!

  4. Congrats to Gabby and your wifey, she’s very creative! Ang galing and of course ang pogi ni Gabby,mana sa …..Mommy hahaha 😉 sige na nga mana rin sa Daddy ;-{ lol

  5. ahhaha, victory treat at 7-11! panalo!
    doc, look at the girl beside him. todo dikit. hehe napansin ko lang. well, gwaping so gabby eh, i cant blame he’s already a chick magnet at 6!

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