Back in 1997 when we were still on our first year in Med school, we did cadaver-dissection in our Gross Anatomy laboratory per group.  More or less 10 medical students were assigned to one specimen to study each systems beginning with Integumentary or skin down to the skeletal; that means, from removal of the skin, each muscle, each nerve, each blood vessel wasn’t left unnoticed.

We went through the course without feeling disgusted about the requisites. We even developed tolerance to sneak in and eat sandwiches, chips or anything to munch even in front of our laboratory tables amidst the strong scent of formalin. I didn’t remember feeling nauseated; it was like nothing for us compared to the gut of an ordinary individual.

If having few bites in Anatomy laboratory wasn’t an issue for us then, eating inside a toilet-themed restaurant seems nothing but fun. 

Dining for some is such a sacred thing. But for others, it can be a whole lot of adventure.

I have not explored eating exotic foods yet and have no intentions of doing so in the near future. For now, my friends and I have tried eating at concept restaurants available here in Penang that serve nothing beyond I cannot eat.

Few weeks ago, we enjoyed Clinic Cafe, and just last Saturday, we tried T.Bowl for lunch…

My lunch last Saturday :

Would you dunk your spoon and fork on a cheesy chicken chop rice served on a miniature toilet bowl? I did! 🙂

Some may find it so weird, but that’s precisely the theme of this food place.  The ambiance may be unusual but the food certainly delights the palate. Sarap! 🙂

Because we usually crave for pork dishes (in a predominantly Halal community), my 2 friends (Drs. Alvin & Ronnie) ordered plates with what else but pork…


JI LIE PORK CHOP SALAD (RM 7.90 /PhP 110.60).  Oh yes, instead of the usual croutons, there were those equally crunchy pork chop cubes, sinfully d-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s! 🙂

While we all shared DEEP FRIED DUMPLING (RM 5.90 / PhP 82.60).

And for dessert, docAlvin tried T.Bowl’s MANGO SAGO (RM 5.50 /PhP 77) served on a mini bath tub. 🙂

The mango slices weren’t that sweet as Philippine mangoes. 😦

When we asked for iced water to wash down, they served them on unique ceramic glasses…

And I almost forgot to show you the ambiance…

We didn’t sit on toilet bowls but on these benches with backrest, adjacent on the shower area. 🙂

All in all, food was nice, the place is quite a must-try for curious diners like us.

Question now is, would you dare eat in a toilet resto like this ?


T.Bowl, Queensbay Mall, Bayan Lepas, Penang, Malaysia.

22 thoughts on “UNUSUAL DINING AT T.BOWL

  1. hehehe! natawa ako dun sa tbowl meal. 😀 i asked my sister to look at it and she said it’s nothing really. but ako, no, i think i cannot eat it. mahina ako sa mga ganun e. i cannot control my thoughts and somehow, i know it will affect my dining experience. 😀

  2. .. maybe will also try it only once, but the thought of food partnered with the toilet bowl isn’t really my liking. haha.

  3. i would surely try dining in a toilet bowl resto!:p
    the food looks good and affordable pa.
    the toilet-bowl shaped containers and tub tables are fun. basta wala lang props na poop. hahaha

  4. can’t wait to try it on December with you and gabby…it fascinates me seeing unusual dining concepts like this ONE…really EXTREME!=)

  5. Wow that restaurant kinda weird to dine in but I will definitely try it so I can take souvenir photos hahaha. I miss you doc, it’s been a long time of not visiting your blog and my blog as well hehehe

  6. Doc, this is really weird. I wonder how someone can come up with such an idea.
    Food looks delicious at a very reasonable price!
    Are you sure you don’t want to switch…from doctor to cook :-0

  7. Would I dare eat at this toilet-theme resto? I’ll give it a try without a second thought; however, I’ll have to tie up and drag my wife if I want her to come along LOL.

  8. eto na yung parang sa HK. maybe a bit bothering at first, pero i wouldnt mind the fancy toilet ambiance kung masarap yung food.

    haay doc!! gusto ko igrab yung oakwood, lalo na may P1,000 pang consumable sa oakroom. wala pa lang akong kasama..

  9. That was so funny – and more than a little disturbing! I remember seeing this in Taiwan, but never thought that it already had a branch in Penang. I still like the Clinic Cafe idea better, though. 😀

  10. wow, doc ang cute!!! siguro sa una uncomfortable kumain pero exciting kasi napaka-unusual nyang kainan…

    doc, pumunta na sina chyng sa Thunderbird (Rizal)… sayang di natin sya kasabay noon.

  11. Back in college we ate our sandwiches and whatnots while dissecting a cadaver too. It had to be done. I remember my schedule was 7 am to 2 pm without breaks so a growing teenager has to eat and eat infront of a cadaver.

    Themed restaurants seem to be more popular in Asia than here. Well I don’t know really.

    But I’d try to eat there. The food doesn’t look bizarre.

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