These strawberries were completely clueless of their fate.

They didn’t have any idea whether they will be eaten wholly, bit by bit, crushed, blended, mashed, or juiced.

Alas, I forgo with the whipped cream and dunked a pair in my oatmeal+condensed milk.

Apparently, no one is certain in this so called life.

Every single thing we do has risks.

Either we go for it or we don’t.

Truth is, life is indeed a gamble.

We wouldn’t know best until we take a great leap.







35 thoughts on “UNTHINKABLE

    1. really? incidentally, iana, my housemate/friend/colleague docAlvin also puts salt on his strawberries. call me weird but the taste reminded me of kamias, hehe .. i like it more with whipped cream or coupled with white wine or champagne. *nice*

  1. what’s life without takign chances? ang boring nun! and boredom kills… (exxag!)

    siguro sa FB yung di ko nabasang trip nila, di na ko maciado nagbbrowse dun..

  2. and sometimes, even if we are afraid to do something because we are not guaranteed of a positive consequence, we still have to try… to take a leap of faith, ika nga.

  3. medyo sawa na po ako sa strawberries.. especially kapag january- march.. season ng strawberries..

    life is all about taking risks/chances in order for us to grow, learn and be successful na rin..
    its not about how long youve lived or whatever materials things u have, its all about what youve been through, the things you learned and how you put them to use..

  4. Now that’s certainly different. I’d have strawberries in my cereals. Don’t know about porridge πŸ™‚ But if you enjoyed it, that’s all that matters.

    I believe in calculated risks, and sometimes taking the leap of faith.

    Looking forward to the weekend?

    Many thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo and leaving your comment. Come visit again tomorrow!

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