Last Saturday, my housemates and I trooped once more to the Island to unwind, forget homesickness and kill time as usual. We watched an action-comedy flick, The Other Guys, did little shopping after and filled in our tummies with yummies for dinner.

There was no other choice but to sample T.G.I.F branch in Queensbay Mall, Penang Island; if it fairs with TGIFs Manila, food and service-wise.

On our table…

doc Carlo’s lamb chops…

doc Alvin’s Jack Daniel’s hamburger…

doc Ronnie’s Shrimp Diablo pasta…

and my Saturday plate : Jack Daniel’s Chicken…

Inspite of the fun company being with my colleagues here, still I can’t help but to be homesick as I recall our fond TGIF-family moments at TriNoma and Glorietta branches back home…

With special occasions to celebrate or just ordinary days, dining in TGIF’s is always a hit!

Food was as expected, deliciously standard as what we have in Manila but service back home is more welcoming, warm and nice.

PS :Β  I have a confession to make.

Since we know that TGIF gives freebie to diner who celebrates his/her birthday, I told the wait staff that it was Alvin’s big day that day so she came back with a delightful plate of peanut butter fudge cake. But unlike in Manila branches where Happy Birthday song is usually sang with dance steps and the works, there was none in Penang.

Truth is, my friend’s birthday wasn’t last Saturday but 2 months from now.

I know it’s BAD!


Forgive me, Lord! *liar, liar!*

It was my first time to do it and will try my best not to repeat it again, so help me God!Β  *guilty*

But the cake was really sublime, a perfect ending to a sumptuous weekend dinner.

Good thing, we didn’t have gastroenteritis after that white lie. Don’t do it at home or anywhere else, kids!

BTW, how was your weekend?




  1. Hahahaha… I hope you don’t learn those tricks to your students πŸ™‚

    Wow… all this looks delicious! How do you keep fit? Some jogging around Penang? πŸ˜‰

  2. .. sometimes we have to lie to get a free slice of cake – if it’s that tempting, haha.

    .. had a busy weekend at work as usual, i’m still adjusting myself here at the new rig i am at.

  3. Doc, that was really cool, the foodies ha, not the lying… Hahaha… but guess what, that was one kinda nice trick to get that piece of sweet! haha… Don’t let Gabby read this post, or else, he might get some tips from the daddy!

  4. You’re lucky TGIF didn’t ask for Dr. Alvin’s passport, Doc Gelo.

    Thanks for eating chicken, nakakatulong sa demand ng product namin dito. But honestly, I wanted to try their lamb chops.

    Uh! Ang hamburger, binuklat. U

  5. dami ko na namiss—need to catchup on my reading doc. hahaha. TGIF—mohol. hahaha. I thought the serving are really big…..kala ko pa naman Doc kasama mo na family mo—reminded you of home pala……hehehe

    1. hey anton (a.k.a. pusangkalye)
      thanks for swinging back to my site.
      sa dec 11 pa dating ng pamilya ko dito penang for a 2wk break until a day after christmas.

  6. I have never tried TGIF at all 😦

    And I have never tried to use it’s my birthday trick to get a free dessert – may be one day πŸ™‚

    Hope you’re starting your work week wonderfully.

  7. lam mo doc napapansin ko i can predict your meal, parang kung ano yung oorderin ko (if ever) yun din pala yung gusto mo. well, magulat ka paba, kaya nga bago ko magfoodtrip i always check out your blog first.. hihi

    sana nung nagGumbo tayo, sinabe ko bday mo! Ü

  8. I love oily food but that Jack Daniels hamburger is just..I don’t know, I’m not surprised if Doc Alvin would suffer tachycardia. Sinful! But that cheese oozing from it looks so good..

    That birthday prank was totally okay. They earn loads in just one plate you order! And they didn’t sing happy birthday so. Haha

  9. Are you sure everyone at that table is a doctor? πŸ™‚ I suppose if one goes to TGIF, meat would be the main thing. Great that you enjoyed every morsel.

    Many thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo and leaving your comment. Come visit again tomorrow!

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