My ever dearest Tina,

Of course, you’re the first whom I thought of when we saw and decided to dine at Clinic Cafe in Plaza Gurney last Saturday. I certainly know you’d like this themed restaurant too. My friends here and I are now planning to put up similar food place in Manila if given a chance to save for its capital.

Honey, being an Operating Room Nurse that you are, I know you’ll like the OR lights for the dining table, he he he. But seriously, I know too that you’ll be amaze with the bay view outside the resto.Β  I’d like to take you and Gabby here when I find time and means to bring you here; but with how things are going now, question is, when? hmmm…

I know some people might feel different with the entire concept particularly those who are not in our same playing field, but if Malaysian diners loved it and the non-medical businessman-owner had his risks in introducing Clinic Cafe to Penang market (so far they only have two branches at the moment; one in Plaza Gurney in Penang Island and the other is near Sunway Carnival Mall in Butterworth) I think it would be a nice idea if we bring the same themed resto to Manila or at least take some inspiration from it. *wishful thinking*

The doctors in us were like kids fascinated at those wheel chairs and hospital-ward-like areas that provide an entirely unique ambience and totally amazing dining experience.

Would you dare eat your fried rice and crispy prawns on a kidney basin? Or drink iced lemon tea and cold water from an Erlenmeyer flasks ? Cute ‘no?

The food and drinks were not only affordable but indeed a must-try! Yummy! πŸ™‚

Caesar’s salad…

Chicken cutlet with ketchup on a syringe! πŸ™‚

Non-spicy chicken wings…

Twas a nice early Saturday dinner for all of us!

How I wish we already have the budget to bring the dream resto to life, hahaha!

So do you think it’ll be a hit in Manila?

Oh you know how Pinoys can be so meticulous and choosy when it comes to food and dining; but the sure thing is, since we’re all foodies in the medical field, everything will be served delicious and sterile, he he he…

I love you, ‘ney! Give Gabby hugs and kisses for me. πŸ™‚


Here’s there fb account –> Clinic Cafe


28 thoughts on “CLINIC CAFE

  1. I am not sure if I would be enticed to go on a hospital-ward-like cafe even if they have the best food in the world. Actually, it is depressing. But it was worth a chuckle.

    If you happened to create a similar one at home, good luck! πŸ™‚

  2. gosh, hindi rin ako sure kung kaya ko pumunta sa ganyang cafe. takot kaya ako sa hospital and that ketchup syringe, for sure di ko gagalawin yan.

  3. i had goosebumps while looking at the kidney basin with food in it and a syringe! hahaha i don’t mind the OR lights, and i like the Red Cross curtains. it would be interesting to have this theme resto in Manila. thanks for sharing.

  4. I am only speaking for myself, but a resto with a hospital theme is not my kind of thing. I’d rather go to a resto where the menu is written on a naked body and the waitresses are topless LOL.

  5. Doc, that’s a very interesting concept! Oks yan dito sa ‘Pinas because Filipinos are always on the lookout for good food and quirky, eye-catching concepts. The only challenge is sustaining public interest.

  6. Great concept! I like the syringe. How I wish the drinks are also available yung sa dextrose bottle hehe. I think papatok sa Pinas yan basta ba masarap yung food eh.

  7. Wow! Bakit sila merong ganto sa Malaysia, tayo wala? Lagi nalang wala yung mga kainan na maayos at masarap sa atin! Bilang lang.

    Doc Gelo, I totally love the idea of you guys bringing this theme to Manila. It totally needs to be done – it badly needs to be done! Please make this dream come true! Haha!

    I’m already excited to go! πŸ™‚

  8. hahaha–ang cool ng concept. basta ba walang fresh bloood sa mga plates and utensils eh, game ako sa ganya. gawa ka ng ganyan sa Pinas Doc. benta yan!!!lol

  9. hi ney, GRABE inggit ako sa pics mo! eating on kidney basin with matching wheelchair, sobrang cool! I LUV the surgery room! may OR lights ba doon? hehe! SKIN PREP! =) Major major LOVE and MISS YOU!

  10. spammer yata ako at laging blocked yugn comments ko.. hehe

    for the 3rd time:
    ang galing ng concept, very detailed ang utensils pati interiors! i like it more than the toilet resto in hk, whachuthink doc? =)

  11. Those who know food dun go for theme restaurants.Food as long as its tasty n good no matter how simple the outlet is will always be filled with people.Theme restaurants only play with the ambience which dont last.Go once for curiousity second time go already stale.What s important is the food.So y so many harp on the theme n atmosphere n not on the food.Theme restaurants are many in Taiwan for past many years in fact this one also copycat from there.There was originally modern toilet restaurants there.,then followed by jail/prison restaurants n clinic restaurants then a coffin restaurant!!!in Taiwan.Many dont last as the food quality is bad to the discerning customers.

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