tina + gabby = love

Providing for my family may not be considered a JOB but it’s still my best WORK ever! 🙂

It’s so inspiring to have reasons for work, for everything actually…

I miss you, honey+gabby! ILOVEYOU! 🙂


*photo above was taken last 30 March 2010 during Gabby’s Kindergarten graduation; my exact arrival date from Tokyo; it was the sweetest to join them back then... now, homesickness kicks in again. 😦

13 thoughts on “THOUGHTS ON PAYDAY

  1. ganyan ata talaga pag may pamilya na. 🙂
    when i was single, when payday arrived i thought “what will i buy for myself?”
    then when John was my bf “what will i buy for John?”
    tapos naging husband ko na sya “what will i buy for us/house?”
    and now that Peewee is here “what will I buy for Peewee?” na.

    parang naging natural na maging selfless basta pagdating sa pamilya. 🙂

  2. pay day nyo pala.:p such a great dad you are–thinking about your family on a pay day. maraming dads kasi akong kilala, iba iniisip kapag pay day.:p

    @ dom, di na pwede magbyahe-byahe pag tatay ka na!:p

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