Admittedly, I am a bummer. πŸ˜€ My wife, my family, closest friends and relatives know that I am far from being sporty and athletics is not in my vocabulary.Β  I prefer to curl up in bed, do a DVD marathon, munch on something to delight my palate than get out under the sun and sweat.Β  I may have been conducting health-teachings to patients and countless students since I got my local medical license but you may charge me guilty of not entirely practicing what I preach.

Last Saturday, when we spent the entire afternoon at Queensbay Mall in Penang Island, I spotted the concierge with some people registering for an event that made me interested.Β  It’s the Penang Bridge International Marathon to be held on 21 November 2010, a fun event for both serious and amateur runners…Am I ready to unleash the semi-flat-footed runner in me? *kidding* LOL! πŸ˜€

I got a flyer, inquired about few details and relayed the info to my friends (a.k.a. my 4-housemates and colleagues).

FYI, Penang Bridge has an impressive length of a bit more than 42km and correct me if I’m wrong, the longest in Malaysia.Β  The marathon along its stretch has been an annual event perhaps to boost not only health consciousness but more so tourism itself.

Here’s the map of Penang (mainland and Island) with the bridge and the route of the run

( photos sourced via : Penang Bridge International Marathon)

The categories are : full marathon (42km in 7hour-finishing time), half-marathon (3hr-finishing time), 10km-marathon (1.5 -finishing time) and fun run(10KM -1.5 hours).Β  So much Ringgit (RM), freebies, and prizes are to be given away but if and when I finally decide to join (definitely with my friends; won’t do it alone for the first time), I’ll definitely do it not for the prizes but for the experience.

My friends and I as of present, are planning to join the (either 10km or) half-marathon (lakas ng loob! LOL!) but we haven’t registered yet.

Let’s see on November… so help me, God!

Will you be my cheering squad (and perhaps my prayer warriors too!) if and when I’ll run? πŸ˜€

*For more details of the event, visit their website –> Penang Bridge International Marathon

Have you joined similar fun events?Β  Do you have any tips and pointers to share?

Note to self : Start jogging! LOL! πŸ™‚


28 thoughts on “SHALL I RUN ?

  1. run, docgelo, run!

    i’m no expert, but i know that for a first timer like you, dapat mag laps [jog or run] ka muna before the actual event. or else baka mabigla katawan mo, which may have fatal consequences. whooo, scary! he he! but then, as a doctor, you would know about it. πŸ™‚

    ang ganda naman nung bridge!

    1. ang bilis naman ng comment, grace! thanks!

      naku, yesterday after my 2 friends and I jogged for about a kilometer and a half at the baywalk behind our place in butterworth, super-inom ako ng ponstan (mefenamic acid) at lublob agad sa lukewarm bath tub! sarap naman!

      if in case we’re pushing through with the run, at least we still have more than a month to perpare. (ala-forrest gump ako!, LOL!)

  2. a 42-kilometer bridge! wow! i’d say, go for it! but you need to jog/run at least 3x a week. i know it’s tough (i’m a couch potato myself, so i know :p) but it’ll definitely give you a high. i have a friend, who was also a couch potato, started playing tennis (because of a marriage problem) and is now running 10K. she even participated in the NatGeo marathon recently. so bummers like us are not hopeless.:p

    KG’s reference to Forrest Gump made me laugh. my friend’s hubby commented on her running–“Di bale, takbo ka ng takbo ala Forrest Gump, basta umuwi ka lang.” LOL

    1. oh i remember commenting on your post about that article you read in starbucks, right? thanks for reminding me; will check it out soon before i became guilty of any of those deadly first-time-marathoners’ sins. thanks, ms. elna! πŸ™‚

    1. doc Z; ikaw din taking small steps to fitness? ako, i’ll just try; hirap magbawas ng taba pero madaling magdagdag, agree? πŸ™‚ hehehe… my frequent excuse were : 1. we only live once, 2. my BMI hasn’t gone haywire yet. hehehe *oops!*

  3. wow go Doc. I’ve tried joining the Milo run last year just for an experience and photo op and it was fun. hahaha lakas ng luob kong mag register sa 5k ng wlang kapractice-practice at kagagaling ko lang sa sakit the day before the event.

    pero ngayon i tried running sa gym goal ko kasi na to start sa 3k and eventually move on to a higher level.

    1. hindi ba mas baliw ako na sumali sa 21km agad? hahaha! lakad-lakad lang kung di kayanin.
      mental note : need to practice; tagal pa naman…
      congratz for deciding to be fit; galing mo, iana! πŸ™‚

  4. wow lumelevel up. you know that, I learned from my med teacher na “Push your Limits and Dont settle for mediocrity” Hehe Sorry ha, tumatak sa isip ko yan. Im moved too.

    Go, and run! Cheer ka namin via streaming! Ü

    1. really? thanks, chyng.

      cheering via live-streaming? i’ll see if sports unlimited of ch 2 can cover the event, *biro lang* πŸ™‚ (but wait, that might be a good idea…)

    1. i know for you told me before you spent your early years here in My.
      until we pull ourselves to register for the event, it remains only as an aspiration.
      note to self : make it happen! πŸ™‚

  5. maganda yan doc—pero o nga, lakas loob yung 10 kms.hahaha
    naku—ako diko pa na-experience yang marathon na yan but this is different.this is penang and it’s international. for experience talaga. panalo ka na nun!!!!

  6. wow, that sounds exciting. will tell anton, he usually jogs. sipag yan mag jogging! ako, gusto ng mind, ayaw lang mag cooperate ang body, hehe.

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