10 September 2010, Friday–We left our place at around lunch time with almost empty stomachs and off we went to the Island with only one goal in mind : to kill time.  🙂

As I walked to the bus stop with three of my housemates (one has left for a short break in Manila), we spotted 3 kids at a Chicken Chop-Restoran happily counting their monetary gifts from their Hari Raya celebration.

I remember how I and my siblings and cousins used to go from house to house every Christmas at my lola’s place in Marikina, to get our gifts, monetary or otherwise from our relatives. It was nothing but fun to count our collection back then and think of new toys and other things to buy. I’m sure those kids were thinking of the same things too. Then suddenly, upon looking at their smiles I miss my own son.

After few minute-bus-ride to Jetty in Butterworth and 15-minute-ferry ride to Jetty in Penang Island, we hopped on the free bus ride in George Town and reached Komtar (apparently the tallest building in the island) where Prangin Mall is located. We finally booked from one of the travel agencies there our SUPERSTAR PISCES-overnight cruise for Wednesday next week. *excited*

Then we rode another Rapid-Penang bus from Komtar to GURNEY DRIVE.

the simple yet inviting roundabout with flying doves at Gurney Drive

It was only my second time to visit this tourist spot in Penang Island. Gurney Drive boasts of beautiful bay with glorious sunset, huge 7-storey-shopping complex and hawkers where one can indulge in street foods, Penang style.

We thought of eating Western food and gave our digestives a short break too from Malaysian dishes.  It was almost four in the afternoon when we had our supposed to be lunch at the food court of Plaza Gurney.  I gave in to my craving for Italian; I had Spaghetti Aragosta, a prawn and lobster meat pasta; also had a waffle with blueberry spread (not in photo); YUM! 🙂

Our afternoon went unnoticed particularly when we sat inside Plaza Gurney Cinema and watched RESIDENT EVIL : AFTERLIFE; have you seen this heart-pumping zombie-action film? What’s your take on it?  Other than it was my very first movie experience in Penang, nothing much, if you’d ask me.

Movies in 3D cost RM 16 (PhP 224) but we only saw the regular screening at RM 10 (PhP 140).  I’d say the movie houses in Manila are way better than that of in Gurney Drive. I’m so partial to Eastwood City Cinemas; those in Greenbelt & Glorietta in Makati and Gateway in Cubao, Quezon City are a personal favorites too.  Imagine the cinema’s keluar (exit) at Gurney’s looked like a fire exit; definitely gave me claustrophobic feel.

We strolled from shop to shop, checked out and drooled over some electric appliances; my eyes were dreamy on a home-theater set, some mini laptops and DSLR.  My colleagues bought some long sleeved shirts for work; while I just found a silk tie in plum for my loot.

When it was already past 9PM and we’re about to go home, there was one food place inside the mall with a name that really caught our attention; we instantly decided to have our dinner…

When waitress, Nicole ushered us to our table, I immediately asked her if the owner of Manila Place is a Filipino, she said Malaysian.

Manila Place is quaint but far from being intimidating.  I find its interiors and menu both enticing.

I sat on that chair with striped throw pillow.

The view on my left…

You might think that menu consists of adobo, sinigang or menudo like we did but it’s not.  Nonetheless, our plates were all pleasing, both to the eyes and palates…


Dr. Alvin’s plate :  LASAGNA

Dr. Dante’s plate : CHICKEN CORDON BLEU

And guess who had RIB EYE STEAK in PEPPER SAUCE… 🙂

Picture muna before boodle-fight! LOL! 😀

I guess our Friday was a good start of our long days off. We still have some more days and hours and minutes to kill…

See you again, Gurney Drive!


How to get to Gurney Drive : From either Jetty or Komtar in George Town, take Rapid bus # 103 or 304 or 10. There are also lots of teksi (taxi) cabs that can bring you to Gurney Drive.

Manila Place, 170-G-43 Persiaran Gurney, 10250, Penang;   …visit


  1. seems you all enjoyed your 11 day vacation 🙂 the 1st pic reminded me a Disney show Upin and Ipin. It’s a malaysian cartoon show.

    The food at the Manila Place looks delicious. Why was it called Manila Place by the way?

    1. our work break has just began; we’ll enjoy it until sept19! 🙂

      i know upin and ipin; isn’t it an indonesian cartoon? anyhow, i know it for gabby watches it on cable back home.

      why is it called manila place? i failed to ask. perhaps the malaysian owner was inspired by the metro there. *just my personal theory*

  2. I am so envious of where you are ,it is one of those places in the world that i would just love to go and live,been telling my other half that if we win the lottery we move there . Its is full of richness culture food scenery ahhhh it is a great place.

  3. You and the fellow doctors lives are full of adventures! What a great way to overcome homesickness! I would consider taking a vacation to Malaysia.

    1. we did have fun. kapagod nga lang magbyahe but the day’s worth it. we still have 8 days to go! 🙂 i’m excited for our superstar pisces cruise on 15 sept.

  4. your fellow doctors must be used to your “photo sessions” first before eating no? hehe
    so why did they name the resto manila place? the menu is obviously not pinoy.

    ang hirap idistinguish ng Malays sa Pinoys. our features are almost the same. =)

    1. nasanay na sila, chyng.
      in fact, it was so flattering for me because the moment the batch 2 of senior Pinoy-MDs came here a month ago, they’ve known me already because of my posts.

      i asked if it’s owned by a filipino but i forgot to inquire what inspired them to name their resto as such. *epic fail!* haha…

  5. It really makes us feel homesick when we see reminders of home. In your case, the sight of children – and they’re everywhere – will remind you of Gabby. And who would have thought naming a restaurant Manila and not serving anything Pinoy in the menu? Did you get to find out what’s with the name?

    1. i know you can so relate, dennis. pero syempre tagal mo nang expat, so you know how to cope compared to us who are still learning the ropes.

      i’ll try to ask what’s in the name of manila place the next time we drop by gurney drive.

  6. I watched resident evil last weekend. Hmmm…okay lang sya. Buti na lang hindi ko cya sa 3d pinanood baka magsisi pa ko mas love ko pa ang despicable me 🙂

    1. hi jeanny. i’ve been hearing raves about that despicable me. hmm.. sana showing din dito for us to watch. will try to check later. yun lang naman ang ilang libangan namin to melt homesickness away.

      enjoy the rest of the week.

  7. Loved the post.. gurney is one of my fav place… did you ate again on the hawkers center outside the mall?

    Go back to kapitan… try their other bread items…. all of of them are quite Fab!

    1. i also love gurney! we passed on eating on hawkers last week and pig out on manila place foods on photo. ronnie and i initially wanted to try out some non-halal steak houses in plaza gurney but we considered alvin and dante’s choices too. i end up savoring some chuck of rib eye which was too delicious for words. 🙂

      kapitan? sarap ng tandoori + cheese naan doon; the one you suggested us to eat. i think i blogged it already. hmm, craving now. hahaha. i’ll try to pull my housemates’ feet to kapitan soon.

      enjoy your stay there in manila. bet you’re having porkie everyday! be back here soon 😀

      i smell going back to KL by the end of next week; remember what sept 25th is for the first batch? hello, putrajaya and petronas. *sigh* 🙂

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