Almost a month ago, 4 of my colleagues and I moved in to our 5-room-2-storey-penthouse on a condominium in Butterworth that we’re renting for a reasonable price.  We fairly share in most expenses, household chores and whatnot.

Believe me, nightly Skype with Tina and Gabby, being in the company of my new found friends and our comfortable accomodation melt my homesickness away. I feel blessed with all these things coming in our way.

There has been no single morning that I wasn’t grateful for everything. I always thank God for constantly providing health and safety to my family and myself.  Thus, being an expat has been a so far, so good experience for me.

Who would have thought that from an ordinary but peaceful places in Pasig and Quezon Cities, I’ll be walking everyday to and fro our condo in a neighborhood that boasts of beautiful mansions.

The building on the right side of the photo below is our condo; the master’s bedroom  that I occupy is before where the uppermost  veranda is.

Come with me as I take you for a ‘stroll’ in our neighborhood in Butterworth…

Several steps more and a right turn at the corner, the quiet street will lead you to a more priceless area in our new community…

A walking+jogging path with playground, clubhouse and an eatery,  all overlooking the bay area and George Town, Penang Island.

The waves at the bay were calm when I took a walk last Sunday morning.

This can be a perfect spot for our family picnic…

If plans will push through, I’ll bring Gabby and Tina here for an early morning  jog and a hearty picnic hopefully soon…

While Chinese neighbors go here for some relaxing reflexes…

Here’s a rear view of our condo from this beautiful spot…

Coping with minor and huge adjustments in a foreign land isn’t easy. But whenever I feel God’s presence in my surroundings and as I frequently see His creations, I am reminded to strive hard and thrive throughout our new lives with all hopes and optimism.

I simply found my new place  inspiring. 🙂



  1. truly, there’s not a single moment that we shouldnt be thankful for. everyday is a gift.
    ang ganda naman ng vilal nyo, magkano po rent jan, yung discount promo? joke!

    ang mahal sa *****od, mas mura pa via agoda. Ü

  2. ang ganda docgelo! are those houses houses? as in bahay. hindi condo o whatever? 🙂

    sarap nga magjog sa may dalmpasigan. dream ko yan eh, yung may body of water near my house, like a lake or river or beach. haay….

  3. sabi nga – not too shabby!

    kidding aside, it’s really important to familiarize oneself with the new environment and find a spot outside of your house to call your own niche.

    i’m sure it’s not hard to carve your own corner of penang here. what a lovely spot to work and play.

    you are blessed and be grateful as you do.

  4. Looks like Forbes Park in the Philippines :-0
    Amazing !

    Too bad you need to go abroad to find a good job… especially since we could have achieved the same level of prosperity. 😦

  5. i love the place. at first parang nasa dasma or ayala alabang na mga subdivisions. then over looking the sea wow sarap nga dyan very relaxing at parang tahimik ang environment.

  6. Your place looks so friendly, walang arte, walang angas, mansion na din yan pag sa Pinas kaya am sure you are enjoying. I wish other houses here in Pinas are just like that, no squatters, hmmm, wishful thinking ba?

    1. sheng, i agree, squatters are eye-sore but i also pity their conditions; they themselves should do something about it and should not be overly dependent on government, right?

      pero marami ding mahirap na tao dito sa penang, di nga lang sila squatters, nasa buildings sila or low-cost housing. ang malaking kaibahan lang, mura ang cost of living dito compared to other malaysian cities like KL at syempre di hamak na mas affordable kaysa sa maynila. sa halagang RM1 (PhP 14) may nasi lemak ng mabibili –kanin at ulam na yun. solb!

      we’re blessed we found a quiet and quaint community here in butterworth.

  7. It is very lovely! It’s so lovely that I think it’s so much easier to miss your family because you’d want to share this with them.

    Hope you have a great start to your week!

    Many thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo and leaving your comment. Come visit again tomorrow!

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