05 September 2010, Sunday –I was skeptic at first to go to Toy Museum in Penang Island for I know I’ll surely miss my son, Gabby more. But heck, I decided to push through with my own “field trip” and thought that it’s better to check out the place so that when I get the chance to bring him and his mom over to Penang, I know our way out.

Imagine more than a thousand collectible toys under one roof! It’s far from Toy Kingdom and Toys R Us because toys aren’t for sale and no one is allowed to touch anything for they’re encased in mirrored racks nonetheless, my solo trip brought back so many memories not only from my childhood but from movies that I enjoyed watching.

Let’s start off with House of Horror toy collections: Bride of Chucky (1998),  a 4th installment movie from Child’s Play series. Would you play with them? Hell, no! hehehe 😀

But honestly, my ultimate goal in traveling from our place in Butterworth to Penang Island by bus, ferry and a long trip via bus again was to see and to capture this monstrous dolls.  I saw a couple of movies from its series and they were really freaking weird and scary.

It was fun seeing these horrific dolls at the museum.  For unknown reason, they made my Sunday afternoon, LOL! 😀

Hellrasiser (1987) and Freddy Krueger from Nightmare on Elm Street (1984 and 2010).

The Crow (1994) and The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993).

Moving on with the more fun stuffs…

ET (1982), X men series (2000 -2009).

Matrix trilogy (1999-2003) : I love these Neo+Trinity movies!  😀

Shrek (2001, 2004, 2010) : My family and I watched all Shrek movies; Gabby even has its DVDs; who doesn’t love this ogre?

He also loves watching Kung Fu Panda (2008) on dibidi dibidi. 😀

Lilo and Stitch (2002) and of course, Mr. Bean...

Gabby also likes Monsters, Inc. (2001) while Tina and I are fond of watching Pirates of the Caribbean series (2003, 2006, 2007) over and over…

Some of the cartoons I grew up with…

Voltron (1984).

Toys and more toys : Pikachu, Naruto, Street fighters, Star Wars, Star Trek…

The Incredibles (2004) and everybody’s favorite, Harry Potter (2001 -2011).

IronMan (2008-2010) and Tomb Raider (2001)..

Spiderman and Silver Surfer from Fantastic 4 :

For girls and ladies, there are Barbie and Japanese dolls at the Toy Museum they’ll surely like.

There are several more toys on display including Disney’s Mickey Mouse, Looney Tunes, Garfield, Batman and others but I can only post as much.

I remember having GI Joe action figure collection during my wonder years but lost them in time.

Gabby has started building up his collection of McDonald’s Happy Meal toys and whatever pleases him.

Perhaps at this point in time,  if there’s one group of collectible toys that I want to start buying for myself, or better yet would appreciate to receive as presents (ehem, paging family and friends!), it would be from Toy Story (1995 -2010).

Tina, Gabby and I simply love Toy Story series.  The friendship between Woody and Buzz Lightyear is as classic as their movie’s theme. The series presented the importance of those junkie toys and issues beyond animation.

Although it took me half hour bus ride from Butterworth to Jetty (RM 2 or PhP 28 one way), 15 min ferry ride from Jetty to Georgetown (RM 1.20 roundtrip, PhP 16.80) and another 40 min Rapid bus ride from Jetty to Tanjung Bungga where Toy Museum is (RM 2.70, PhP 37.80 one way) and adult entrance fee of RM 20 (PhP 280), the experience of reviving wonderful memories with some of these toys and their movies was really worth it.

😀 What are your favorite toys?

Enjoy your new week, everyone!


Toy and Fantasy Museum is located in front of Copthorne Orchid Hotel, Tajung Bunga, Penang Island. Open daily including weekends and holidays from 9AM-9PM.  Parking area is spacious and taxi cabs other than public airconditioned buses are also readily available near the entrance.


25 thoughts on “TOY MUSEUM, PENANG

  1. hahaha i agree with sheng, after reading the title i immediately browsed down the screen and all of a sudden chuckie showed up :p tinaas ko agad hahaha but the toys there are awesome especially the ironman which my son will surely love it.

    as for my, my favorite toy???? well before i collected pig stufftoys there was once a store in glorietta selling pig stuffs (forgot the name) sayang nga at nawala na. pero other than that none in particular. come to think of it wala nga akong favorite na toy. hmmmm…

    1. takot ka din kay chucky? why? hahaha …can’t blame you, he’s really effective in giving us goosebumps! but i was starstruck seeing his dolls *weird me!*

      oh my, you just mentioned what we are kind of deprived here…pig stuffs! hehehe. but we get the loads when we go to chinese eateries or when we buy stuffs at supermarkets and cook it ourselves; we’re not complaining. 🙂

    1. hi sidney,

      the museum claims to be the world’s largest toy and fantasy museum.
      they do have snow white and the seven dwarfs collection too!
      i captured it but didn’t upload.

  2. chuckie the chocolate drink or chucky the doll?!! hahaha.. masarap ata yung chuckie. katakot si chucky! hehehe… pasyal-pasyal lang, anna para malibang at pumatay ng oras!
    …PUMATAY (ng oras?) parang gusto ni chucky yun hahaha 😀

  3. wow!!! this is heaven for me. I have a few toys at home, and there are so many more I want to collect. I especially love the Naruto and Marvel figures, and of course, STAR WARS!! I love the young Anakin! May the force be with you. =)

    1. oh there are a lot of star wars, naruto and marvel figures there but can’t overload the entry with so much of them. it’s indeed a simple paradise for the young at heart!

    1. it’s quite far and located almost at the end of penang island where most swimming clubs and beach resorts are. but despite the location, the unimpressive single-storey building that houses those fascinating toys, the trip was worth it.

  4. i remembered a scene where Chuckie and his bride made “love”, at nabuntis naman si girl.. haha weird ang imagination ng writer na yan.
    anyway, Little Mermaid is a hit. next is Buzz Lightyear. sorry di ko na inabot sina voltron. joke! Ü

    btw, India is my project for 2012. Ü

    1. naalala ko yang scene na yan! obscene nga e! LOL! 😀 it’s ridiculous and borderline disturbing but we’re entertained, right? hehehe 😀

      there’s ariel, sebastien and ursula there too, chyng!
      oi, anong hindi mo inabot ang voltron? hahaha! sayang wala silang THUNDERCATS. It’s one of my favorites too!

      sama mo kami sa agra! naku, parang may budget kami hahaha! 😀

  5. Some of those toys were seriously disturbing, but I had to laugh out loud when I saw Voltron! Memories of Friday nights tuned into Channel 13. :p

    And I loved the picture of those Japanese dolls. 🙂

    1. i agree, the house of horror collection is indeed disturbing; particularly chucky and his bride but i view them only as toys and gives no meaning to them or anything.

      wow, you still remember the exact tv channel of voltron; don’t we all love those 5 lions? hahaha! i also like THUNDERCATS! …

      ….there are more japanese dolls there that look really dainty on their garbs.

  6. my fave toy? we were so poor back bthen that my toys are bamboo sticks . I make cars and helicopters and boats with them. they might not resemble the original thing but my imagination would compensate for the lack of detail.

    good thing you checked the place doc early on, that way, you could discriminate which would be appropriate for Gabby comes your reunion.

    1. aww, i guess most of us if not all went through that stage when we only had paper boats or wooden make-shift toys to play with. but look at you now, i bet one of your precious toys in possession is your dslr; if you consider that a toy. 🙂

      ..gabby is smart; he knows what’s ugly from not; what’s good from bad.

  7. waaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!


    natakot ako kay chuckie! waaaaahhhhhh!!!! buti na lang nagpost ka rin ng ibang toys! waaaaaaaahhhhh!!!! i will attribute my nightmares tonight to this post.


  8. nakakatawa, doc, nung nakita namin yan sa Penang map/guide sumakay agad kami ng bus. tapos pagdating namin dun, may entrance pala. bilang kuripot kami, sabi namin wag na lang. kaya sumakay na ulit kami ng bus pabalik sa guesthouse hahaha

    1. hi kat, oo ang mahal kaya para sa foreigners like us (naks!). mas mura dito ang lahat para sa lokal kaysa sa mga banyaga. mahal ang entrance fee, di pa nga kami makabalik e, hehehe!

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