docgelo in penang with kim chiu?

My wife will kill me for this! …*kidding* 😀

Her name is Beatrice, a 20-year-old beautiful and lovely lass who has a striking resemblance with the famous Filipina actress, Kim Chiu. Beatrice sings and plays with her keyboard in Wok City KTV and ‘Restoran’ in Bukit Mertajam, Penang.

From Justin Bieber’s song, “Baby” to a more complex ballads like Titanic’s theme, “My Heart Will Go On” and other pop and love songs, Beatrice sang them well alternately with some Chinese songs sang by the other musician.

Together, they set the mood on stage while my colleagues and I went for a hot pot dinner buffet in response to an invitation by one of our fellows’ good friends who have been living in Malaysia for 6 years now.

The casual table that reminded me of Yakimix in Manila and Don.K! in Tokyo

The spread had these delightful ingredients of Chinese steamboat…

My first plate that I loaded into the cooking broth with chopsticks…

Good music, warm and best-tasting soup with freshest prawns and dimsums, seasoned pork, beef, fish, chicken and even deer meat slices, eat-all-you-want-Nestle ice cream and free-flowing drinks all for only RM 25 (PhP 350) per pax,  what more can you ask for?

Oh yes, not to forget to bring good company!

We’re all satiated! …Burp! …Oink, oink! 🙂

After that sumptuous dinner, we’re brought to Auto City, a bazaar-restaurant-place in Seberang Perai, Penang.

Shopping is always an inevitable temptation but most of us resisted. I for one just noted that this place opens daily at 5pm to midnight; good enough reason to go back.

To Bel and her husband and to Anna of course, thank you for inviting all of us! Indeed, it was a fun night to unwind. We need to have more of this; it certainly deviates our homesickness. Bonding has become a therapy for us, don’t you agree?

To my wife, Tina, it was only for photo-op, honey! You also love Kim Chiu, don’t you? 😀


Restoran Wok City BBQ*Steamboat*Buffet*Karaoke, 3212-G, Jalan Kampung Baru, Pusat Perniagaan Maju Utama, 14000 Bukit Mertajam, Penang.

19 thoughts on “ON A SATURDAY NIGHT

    1. naku, i surely wish i could sing, baka magside-job nga ako dito hahaha!
      …sarap nga ng mainit na sabaw sa tag ulan! dito sa penang, kaunti lang ang ambon gawa ng hindi naman daananan ng bagyo ang malaysia.

  1. she looks like kim chiu nga! haha. lagot ka doc. may pahabol na comment ka pa sa huli ha. very defensive! hahaha…:D

    good to see you have friends to keep you company there now. 🙂

    1. i suggest you call oakwood and inquire; inemail ko na kasi kaya lang walang reply. am not sure kung nandoon pa yung pr manager that i mentioned to you. try calling them and if things won’t work out, it’s their loss. update me pls, chyng. 😀

  2. Delicious food, good music and a beautiful woman to die for – nakakainggit naman ang Saturday night mo! Ririgaluhan ko ng gulok ang misis mo para langyan ng partida ang buhok mo LOL. Just being silly.

  3. Kala ko nga si Kim Chu, hehehe. Tinanong ka ba ni TIna kung sino katabi mo, kasi pag ako matatanong ko si Hubz nyan hehehe. Joke lang!

    Glad DOc G. you are enjoying it there.

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