31 August 2010, Tuesday, Holiday in Malaysia– My colleagues and I finally indulged in Filipino dishes that we all miss the most!  Exactly a month and a day since we left Manila for work in a medical university here in Penang, Malaysia, it was only yesterday that we feasted on foods that are so familiar to our palates.

Our casual get-together was intended to express our gratitude to our kababayan who brought us here.  She took the effort in orienting us to simple things in Penang, from gradual introduction of culture and beliefs to taking public transportations (bus, ferry, cab) and going to food places, shopping malls and of course, she’s our own mediator to our bosses.  And for all of those, we’re extremely grateful. 🙂  Because almost half of us have moved in already to our permanent accomodation, it was also a sort of house warming for all.  Our simple party was held at our condo in Butterworth.

We originally planned to have lechon which can be ordered from Chinese restaurateurs and eatery owners here but upon learning that the price of one roasted pig cost around RM 700 (PhP 9,800), the doctors who were in charge for the dishes instantly considered a more sumptuous options…

Pampagana : itlog na pula, hilaw na mangga at bagoong, kamatis at nilagang talong.

Pangunahing Ulam : Sinigang na BABOY! at Halabos na hipon…

Kilawing baboy at Kare-Kare!

Spaghetti at Ginataang Hipon at talong…

Panghimagas : mga prutas -mansanas, kahel at ubas; ginataang langka (not in the photo).

Thank you to Drs. JS and RM for preparing and cooking the feast; this can be addicting! 🙂  To the rest of the MD-lecturers who came, when will be our next party?  To Miss LMM, maraming salamat! 🙂

May the good Lord bless us and our families more so we can continue to be a blessing to others.

Certainly, we all miss our families back home and everything about Pinas but bonding ourselves together surely lessens the homesickness.



25 thoughts on “MUNTING SALO-SALO

  1. yummy! i’m sue you all had a great time at this get-together. i used to be a picky eater, but when i started to travel abroad, i was surprised at myself of how i miss Filipino food. on my return flights, i entertain myself by thinking about the food i’m going to eat when i get home–sisig, sinigang na hipon, paksiw, kare-kare, etc.

    enjoy your stay in Penang!

    1. i can so relate with you, luna except the fact that i was never choosy with my food, well, sometimes. hehehe. i’ll certainly pig out with more pinoy dishes particularly lechon, liempo, pork chops etc. when i get a chance to go home for a break.

      thanks! 😀

  2. parang hindi naman munting salo salo yan, it’s a FEAST!
    priceless makakain ng kare kare and other pinoy dishes abroad. ang gara ng talong nila.. cute. hehe

  3. wow! ang dami namang pagkain. fiesta ito! buti nalang marami kayong pinoy jan. kahit papano kakabawas din ng homesick kapag maraming kang nakakasalamuhang kababayan.

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