Doors of opportunities open at a given time, it’s up to us whether we enter or leave.

I wasn’t ambivalent when the chance to work abroad came along about a couple of months back. I am dead sure to do the job that has been my passion despite the sacrifice of leaving my wife and son back home. I strongly believe that if you’ve set your mind and heart on something, the yield is nothing but positive.

On my 15th day of stay in Penang, Malaysia, my cup still overflows with gratitude to everyone who have contributed in bringing me to where I am now. I am only at the foot of the so-called mountain-to-climb but I feel so fortunate for each day has been a blessing.

Everything would not be possible if the entire universe did not conspire. To my family, closest friends and their relatives, to the people who brought me to this work in this medical university, I am and will forever be thankful.

I am sharing with you the simple words I’ve emailed to my employers this morning with the hope to infect you with gratitude.


I’d like to express my sincerest gratitude for giving me a chance to work with other Filipino Medical educators, and be a part of whom you called the school’s Meducationists. Rest assured, Sir, that I will contribute to the growth of the medical school and its people with the best of my abilities.

Thank you too, for facilitating our accomodation and making us feel so welcome in Penang.

I take pride in being a part of our institution.


17 thoughts on “KNOCK, KNOCK!

  1. opportunity only knocks only once so we should grab it immediately, though sometimes, there are opportunities that are not meant for us. God is so good on you that this happened to you and your group. such a blessing indeed.

  2. Don’t forget to give credit to yourself! They hired you because you are good and they needed you. If the need is no longer there, they’ll let you go. As the corporate beast says, “Nothing personal, it’s business.” Just a fatherly advice.

  3. there’s a time and place for everything under heaven = that’s what i believe in. so does opportunity knocking but once. sometimes i wonder if there were knocks in my past that i didn’t hear at all.

    i thought that was a class act sending that email

  4. Opportunities are rare, and we should try a hand at it when it comes, because it rarely does. Your employers must be so proud of you!

  5. I strongly believe that if you’ve set your mind and heart on something, the yield is nothing but positive.>>> i agree. it’s how you see and think things.

    bilang na bilang pala ang araw mo diyan doc.

  6. One of the reasons you’re probably blessed is the gratitude you have for everything that comes your way. You see things in a way others may not. Your humility is also a gift.

    It’s midweek already! How’s it going?

    Many thanks for visiting Norwich Daily Photo and leaving your comment. Come visit again tomorrow!

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