It has only been 5 days since I left Manila to work as a medical lecturer here in Penang, Malaysia but I miss Pinoy food so much. Although my palate has welcomed spicy and flavorful foods from Malaysia, still nothing beats Pinoy dishes of course.

Here are some of my gastronomic adventures to date.



KFC in Pinas tastes a lot better than in Penang 😦  But I like the Chicken rice (similar to what you have in Hainanese Chicken).  This set cost me RM 11.50 (PhP 161) including that Milo Chocolate Ice Cream that fell bland on my taste.

There were 2 nights that we enjoyed simple dinner in Gurney Drive and Kepala Batas where hawkers predominate those places; we chow down foods that we’re not-so-hygienic despite the authentic good tastes.

I guess it takes guts and will power to savor these street foods. *Pikit-mata muna sa Hepatitis A and Gastroenteritis. (note: those 2 dinner were not eventful health-wise, Thank God!).

So far, I like MEE GORENG, CHICKEN & SEAFOOD BALLS, CHAR KEOW TEOW, BEEF KEBAB, NASI LEMAK, CHICKEN SATAY.Β  It’s always exciting to taste new gastronomic stimuli; can’t wait to experience the other dishes.

At George Town, one of the UNESCO World Heritage City, we had lunch at a cheap Chinese restaurant where I had YONG TAU FU, a soup based dish similar to Shabu-Shabu.

I had this YONG TAU FU for RM 11.50 (PhP 161) price inclusive of a cold glass of watermelon juice.

To balance the spice, desserts are a must.Β  One time, my friends and I went to a mall near Queensbay and we indulge in cakes from Secret Recipe. Food from their menu are better than the ones in Manila however, service is otherwise.Β  On top of our bill, we were also charged with RM 0.5 (PhP 7) for a glass of tap water, plus service charge and tax. Nonetheless, the cakes are to die-for.



Food, grocery items, veggies, seafood and other commodities are so affordable in Penang compared to Philippines but like most Pinoy abroad would feel, I certainly miss our very own dishes savored with the presence of our family in the comforts of our very own home. πŸ™‚

12 thoughts on “I MISS ADOBO

  1. I always envy those Filipinos who are working in the neighbouring Asian countries! The foods are full of flavours and spices, at least medyo pasado sa panlasang Pinoy. Nakakasawa na rin ang palaging pinirito o nilagang patatas, roast at steak na tanging asin at paminta lang ang seasoning.

    That seafood fried rice… siguro masarap; pero ‘yong noodle soup mukhang hindi papasa sa panlasa ko, Doc Gelo. Masarap ba?

    1. mas maganda naman ang klima sa australia, doc rj! sana makapasyal din dyan kami someday.

      masarap yung seafood rice, not too salty and so tasty!. swak sa panlasa, hehe.
      yung yong tau fu ok naman kasi may seafoods din kahit paano pero tama ka, medyo kulang sa seasoning. they only gave me soy sauce & chili to spice it up.

  2. Mouthwatering yung blueberry cheesecake na yan, and it costs definitely cheaper there than here in Gensan, usually blueberry cheesecake here costs at most P150-200. How are you there? I hope you are enjoying. I find Malaysian and Thai food to be really spicy, that’s why I don’t think I could live there.

    1. food and a lot more are actually cheaper here than in pinas.
      i’m now quite used to malaysian food but there are more to explore. πŸ™‚
      sheng, you’ll never know if you like it unless you give it a try; some authentic ones are not that spicy. tolerable naman. minsan yung iba maanghang pa ang bicol express natin! oops, namiss ko na naman ang pork! oink, oink!

  3. wow! ang mura ng food sa malaysia ano, i mean compared with the other asian countries.

    that smorgasbord soup, nakatikim ako nyan sa macau…yung ikaw pipili ng ilalagay. sarap!

  4. those cakes especially the blueberry cheesecake makes me hungry. the streetfoods seems yummy to me hehehe. I tried KFC at thailand and their chicken is so spicy kahit original. like ko pa din yung manok ng pinas πŸ™‚

  5. When you start to get an overload of Malaysian food why don’t you and your Pinoy buddies get together and cook yourselves the dishes that you miss back home? No time for it? Don’t know how? Buy a Pinoy cookbook and make time – that’s how we did it when we got tired of TV dinners and eating out LOL.

  6. kakamiss nga ang adobo pag nasa ibang bansa. pero malamang masasanay ka rin sa mga pagkain diyan or magluto ka na rin lang.

    iba pala kfc ng pinas.

  7. For Pinoys all over the world, I know that we all agree that nothing tastes better than Pinoy food! You should have brought Mama Sita’s adobo mix so you can make adobo in Penang πŸ™‚

    The weekend is almost here. Looking forward to it?

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