01 August 2010 -Sunday– It was a long day with my colleagues; we were guided on how to go in and out of our work place via Malaysian public transpo : bus, ferry and cab.  From the main land, we went to Penang Island and explored a bit of  their malls, hotels, public markets and the bay area. We ate dinner at hawkers in Gurney Drive then came home to our temporary villas dead tired but nonetheless happy.

When I checked my emails, I first read my wife’s.  It has attachments that made me miss them more– photos recently taken in Tagaytay City the morning after I left the country. My wife and our kid together with my in-laws were brought there by our relatives. It was the very first major homesickness I felt. I cannot help but think that it could have been more fun if I was with them on those moments.

Would you not miss your son if you’re abroad and he tries the zip line even if it was for photo op only?

Gabby’s facial expression looked so real; artistahin? 🙂

from L to R : bro-in-law, Tina and Gabby, aunt & mom-in-law, Tagaytay City

Although I constantly communicate with them via SMS, calls, emails, and Skype, nothing beats being with them personally.

I miss them so much.  😦


I love you, Tina & Gabby! 🙂

*all photos in this post were taken by our uncle lou. thanks!



  1. hintay lang ng onti docgelo and your family will be there na din. 🙂

    i’m planning to try that in tagaytay or here in manila! looks exciting!

  2. wow super ka miss nga nya. that is one sacrifice na kailangan gawin when one member of a family is away. good thing lang talaga na malaki ang na-improve sa mode of communication natin.

    on the other side, kung pang photo op lang yung sa zip line hmmm parang gusto ko ng i try :p

  3. pang photo-op lang pala yun? looks like he was already flying. i understand how you feel – i feel homesick too each time i see photos of people i love at home and i’m not with them at the moment.

  4. HomeSICKness?! SICK? Nakalimutan yatang banggitin ng Pharmacology ang lunas sa karamdamang ito, Doc Gelo!

    Kaya nyo ‘yan. Hindi naman siguro magtatagal, makakasunod na sina Ms Tina at Gabby diyan sa inyo.

    1. dyan, punta kayo dito pag holiday, gurney drive and george town are wonderful places. ang cruise ship per night ay RM 100 (PhP 1400) lang! sidetrip pa sa singapore. go na! yakagin ang mga bloggers, EB tayo sa penang island! haha.

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