Blessings can be so overwhelming but I am not complaining. I cannot thank the Lord enough for people around us who continue to make our days special. From closest friends and family who tirelessly inspire and support us, to other people who give us simple reasons to smile.

Few days ago, I received an invitation from one of the bloggers I follow, Mr. Arpee Lazaro of Pinoy Life At Large to be part of BLOG NA PINOY (my blog under Lifestyle), a website-directory for Filipino Bloggers.  It was indeed flattering. The photo shoot for my blog was done, this morning July 24, 2010 in Makati City.

Special thanks to ace photographer, Michael Sy Yu and fabulous make up artist, Bambi de la Cruz and of course to Sir Arpee.

*Proud to be a part of BLOG NA PINOY 🙂



  1. who would ever ask if you’re a physician. hehehe
    nice pic doc gelo!
    actually ‘yan ang kulang namin ng family ko. family pic sa isang studio. hehe
    we never had one. nakakalungkot…

    1. it’s never too late to have a family photo shoot at a studio.
      this one didn’t cost me a thing; all courtesy of people behind blog na pinoy. 🙂

  2. Very nice looking family. I pray that you will remain a strong family even when you are going abroad. Distance is not a hindrance to make a family grow in love and understanding.

    Thanks for sharing your family with us DOc Gelo.

    1. thank you, sheng for those kind words. 🙂
      i wish to bring tina and gabby too there in my work place, hopefully by september; in God’s will.

    1. we really did have fun, joy.
      the people behind the shoot were so welcoming. they’re really really nice!
      we cant thank them enough.
      so proud to be part of blog na pinoy.

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