OK, so I’ve been trying to stretch my days with my family and friends after I found out 2 weeks ago that I’ll be flying to Penang, Malaysia on the 29th of this month, together with more or less 30 other great Pinoy doctors, to teach in a pre-med and medical college there.

Am I excited?  Extremely.  Although, I already experienced being away from Tina+Gabby when I left for Tokyo for 14 days last March, I’m still having mixed emotions about leaving my family temporarily and meeting new challenges ahead in another country that I’ve never been to.  I wish my wife and son can follow me there the soonest possible time; hopefully in a month or two.  I also wish to deliver my job beyond expectations or at least, more than effective than I do here.

Got my on-line ticket reservation paid just this morning and it began to sink in that in 9 days, it will be a start of a new adventure.

How do you relax when everything seems a rush?

I pray, talk to my family and closest friends, eat and eat a lot 🙂 and more importantly, spend time with myself.

Last 15 July 2010, I headed to a hotel-restaurant that I’ve been frequenting lately because of their generous invitation. What else but Oakroom Bar and Restaurant at the 6th level of Oakwood Premier, Joy~Nostalg Center in Ortigas Center, Pasig City.

I put to use the Complimentary Breakfast Buffet voucher they gave me on my last wine and food pairing event that I’ve attended with some other press and bloggers.

On ordinary days, I try not to skip breakfast. I’m such a morning person and I like starting my day with a cup of coffee prepared by Tina and anything that suffices my empty stomach.

Tina and Gabby didn’t join me for this Power Breakfast for they both got work and school on that day.

Tina would’ve love Oakroom’s cereal and milk bar, and I know Gabby would’ve like the DIY congee.

Of course it could have been more fun if I’d share these plates with them.

Nonetheless, it gave me brief time to be with myself and think things over a cup of coffee and plates of indulgence. 🙂

plate 1: scrambled eggs, bacon, hungarian sausage, sweet and sour fish fillet and a high-fiber bread with apricot spread.

plate 2curried veggies, penne pasta, pan cakes with butter and blue berries, orange juice.

plate 3 : some bread sticks and bite-sized pastries, fruit choices : pineapples, apricots, melon, peaches, pomelo,  guava juice (which I just tried for the first time) and strawberry yogurt (wish it was fro-yo, LOL!)

Burp! 🙂

I know I’ll miss champorado’t tuyo, danggit, itlog na pula+kamatis, lugaw, tocino, longganisa and of course,

pan de sal.

What’s your favorite breakfast meal?

21 thoughts on “POWER BREAKFAST

  1. base!:)

    will you be away for quite a while doc? hmmm, please keep on blogging. we’ll miss you.

    my favorite bfast?
    — fried rice
    — any viand will do except pork and (some) veggies
    — or pancakes (topped with blueberries of honey)

    1. hey, thanks for being the first commenter on this post! bilis ha. and for that you won…LOL! 🙂

      actually, oakwood’s breakfast spread has different toppings for pan cakes; i remember there was chocolate, blueberries, maple syrup, of course, butter and a few more.

      1. 😆 i did? ok please send my prize before you leave. or else… 😛 *joke*

        hahaha you want me to go all the way to ortigas to have breakfast? doc, i always wake up late and more often than not, i take bfast on my post. tsk tsk. oh, wag mo na’kong pagalitan. i know, im lazy.

        we’ll i still have one wish. sana before next bday ko. yung makasama kita sa food tripping 😉

  2. hmmm yummy, sino ba naman ang hindi gigising ng maaga pag ganyan ang breakfast mo. My favorite breakfast:: egg fried rice, tuyo or danggit and fresh chopped tomato para sawsawan

    1. i carla. i like my chopped tomato with dash of fish sauce or salt. perfectly paired with anything you mentioned! pwede ding spiced vinegar, sarap!

  3. as what we told you in FB, we’ll miss you doc promise! don’t worry doc, i know you’ll do good there and tina and gabby will follow na din. 🙂

    1. i’m only leaving the country for work, dyan, NOT the VIRTUAL BLOGGING UNIVERSE.
      i’ll still blog and will try to be more religious about it;
      i just wish wifi or internet connection in that part of the planet is fine.

  4. “We plan, we toil, we suffer – in the hope of what? A camel-load of idol’s eyes? The title deeds of Radio City? The empire of Asia? A trip to the moon? No, no, no, no. Simply to wake just in time to smell coffee and bacon and eggs.”

    the quote entered my mind as soon as I see your power breakfast.:p
    congratulations on your teaching post in Penang, but i hope it’s only temporary. we need more good doctors here.

    1. don’t we just all love power breakfast? 🙂

      thanks, ms. luna for the kind words.
      don’t worry, Pinas is still and forever will be our home. 🙂

  5. those were really power breakfast. super heavy to be exact. hmmm my favorite…coffee pared with any food available on the table hahaha.

    as they say, savor every minute you have with tina and gabby. it will be really hard to be away from your loved ones especially if it will be for months or even years.

    On the lighter side, we wish you luck and we’ll wait for your food experiences there.

    1. it was really heavy but let me point out that i don’t eat my breakie everyday like that, LOL! i just indulge whenever chance calls for it. hehehe.. *defensive*

      if things go out well with work and everything, tina and gabby will follow me there, hopefully in september or a couple of months from now. *crossed fingers*

  6. Hi Doc, would you know how much their breakfast buffet costs? I want to indulge in one sometime. Or are there other hotel breakfast buffets you would recommend?

  7. only while on vacation do i get to eat real breakfast. on a daily basis my breakfast is eaten on the go – mostly a toast and 1 tbsp peanut butter, eaten while driving to work.

    however i long for:

    – fried rice/sinangag
    – longganisa
    – jeprox
    – fried egg

    how long will you be in malaysia? new adventure yan doc, i’m sure you’ll make the most of it. sna makasunod or makavisit ang family mo sa malaysia.

  8. I’m a breakfast person too, and in a month, will be serving as bridesmaid ng isang wedding of my officemate, i don’t take dinner anymore. I’m getting rid of the obliques.

  9. On weekends, my favorite breakfast is a plate of fried rice with sunny side up (well done) and tuyo or longganisa or bacon…and coffee or tea. Other days would be coffee, at work, and a pastry. 😦

    Best of luck on your new venture.

  10. Doc…was great seeing you again at Ibayo and I wish you all the best in Penang. Once Tina and Gabby is there with you, I am sure it will be a good experience good or bad. Just ask me anything about Malaysia anytime. Information from the net is good too…but it can never beat from a real person’s perspectives.

    All the best


  11. Can Tina and Gabby go with you? I’m sure they’d enjoy it. Your breakfast looks really good!

    What are your plans for the weekend?

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