Just a few days ago, some kind readers left their comments about my post on exploring possibilities of migrating and working abroad.   Now, I’d like to share with you what I and my family are expecting in the next few days.

Unless there will be sudden changes, yes, my days in Manila are numbered.

I’ve started buying few stuffs that I’ll be using and wearing when I begin to work with more or less 30 other great Filipino doctors who will be flying with me to Malaysia before this month ends.

We were told that work wear is strictly suit and tie; finally, I get to wear my few old and new shirts and silk ties from Marks and Spencer once more. 🙂

Seriously, I’m having mixed emotions about it.

I remain grateful to  the Lord for He isn’t only a great provider but indeed Almighty.

I try not to be overwhelmed with the quick turnout of events and be composed and collected at all times. After all, it was well thought of and God knows how determined I am to succeed, hopefully abroad.

I can confidently state that teaching my medical profession has been my passion and I guess, my noble mission for 6 years and counting. I like it when I get to inspire and motivate people to do more for themselves and for others.

Having handled around 6,000 students to date, both in college and review centers; produced countless local and foreign board passers and inspiring achievers, I believe I’ll be in the right track if I’ll continue to follow my instincts and Lord’s will.

What happened was I applied for a teaching job in a medical school on the last few days of June via email.  Soon after, I received a positive response and was scheduled for an interview  last July 1st.

Despite the fact that nothing will be paid; no placement and processing fees whatsoever, and there’s also a hard-to-resist offer of scholarship to take Masters Degree while working and although it is possible, we still thought it’s too risky on our part for us to go there altogether so Tina and I decided that they’ll just follow there probably after a month or two or whenever possible.

I wish this step huge leap will bring growth not only for myself but moreso for my beloved family.

It will be a totally different new and exciting challenges for us so I’ll appreciate if you include us in your prayers. Thanks!

Will you still follow and read my blog if I’ll post entries next month from Penang, Malaysia?

Wish me luck.

So help me, God.


I’m currently savoring my days with my family and enjoying attending events that are worth a post. So stay tuned. 🙂


14 thoughts on “LEAVING SOON

  1. natakot naman ako bigla nung sinabi mong “my days in Manila are numbered” 🙂

    Will be including you in our prayers, God will always be at your side if you have faith.

    Can’t wait for your posts from Malaysia, truly Asia… (sorry I can’t help it. hehehe)

  2. congrats doc gelo! I know you will be a little homesick when you get there but don’t worry I know you can do great things and inspire a lot of people, I’ll include you in my prayers 🙂 just don’t forget to update this blog 😛

  3. Congrats and here’s wishing you the best. I’m sure you will do well, it is just a matter of adjustments. You have the qualifications to succeed anywhere on earth.

  4. this is exciting, doc. i believe you’ve covered much of the metro here in manila naman kaya it’s about time you explore another city and its culture. by the way, instead of going to fine life, you can drop my new blog this time — GLIP.

  5. wow that’s a good one. congrats doc for this. how long will you be staying there? for good?

    I’ll surely follow your blog now your experiences and food trips in Malaysia 🙂

    God Bless!!

  6. wow docgelo! tuloy na tuloy ka na ha! congrats! at least you got what you wanted!

    are tina and gabby coming too? for good na ba yan? 🙂

  7. Will you still follow and read my blog if I’ll post entries next month from Penang, Malaysia?

    — definitely! you even shouldn’t have asked that! 🙂 Good luck and God Bless, Doc. my prayers are with you and your family! 🙂

  8. So exciting! You’ll be in Penang, a culinary capital in itself:) I wish to go back there again. Am sure it’s all for the best Doc…and Gabby’s bright future. Best wishes to you: and your family:)

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