During most of our grocery shopping, Gabby would have his own smaller cart to push and usually gets his own stuffs from shelves once Tina and I give our mutual nods.

One of his favorite grocery items is :

Yakult (ヤクルト, Yakuruto?) is a Japanese probiotic milk-like product made by fermenting a strain of skimmed milk with a special strain of bacterium, Lactobacillus casei Shirota. (Sourced via Wiki).

Now, imagine savoring Yakult as a creamy frozen ice cream.

Yakult + ice ceram = two of every child and kid at heart’s favorites.

Wonderful, isn’t it? 🙂

Sebastian\’s Premium Ice Cream has the edge over other cold delights; it has offered FRO-YA (Frozen Yakult) ! That cute little boy who happens to be my son, had enjoyed that  tangy flavor of our old-time favorite drink on ice cream when we went to TriNoma mall in Quezon City this afternoon. He had it as dessert after our hearty dinner with my balikbayang-in-law.

Fro-Ya on the left for Gabby, and Sebastian’s Mango Sansrival on the right for me. Yum! 🙂

Yakult cannot be better than this!

An option to countless Fro-Yo (frozen yogurts) available in town.


Do you drink Yakult ?  Have you tried Fro-ya?

28 thoughts on “FRO-YA : FTW!

  1. when i was young i remember my dad drinks yakult and keeps them on the fridge. i always thought of them as medicines 🙂

    haven’t had a taste of yakult in years, but fro-ya sounds like a novel way to enjoy it’s medicinal purposes.

  2. I have tried the Fro-Ya, a bit tangy for me. Maybe I didn’t grew up drinking Yakult when I was little. But my sisters loved the Fro-Ya, they even bought a pint each to savor at home.

    Hows the Mango Sansrival doc gelo?

    1. hi ingrid. thanks for the mention on your post.
      gabby likes yakult and expectedly favors fro-ya too.

      mango sansrival was just ok; not too impressive for me.
      i like sebastian’s chocolate ice cream flavors more.

  3. Unfortunately, i didn’t try to taste yakult and fro-ya when i was home…too busy drinking guyabano juice, mango and buko! 😉

    1. hello, ms. nance! nice to know you enjoyed fresh fruits and juices when you’re on your vacation here. i bet NYC doesn’t have much philippine mangoes there, right? 🙂

  4. ay bago kami uminom ng yakult, nilalagay namin minsan sa freezer. pro doc wait lan, etong froya na to eh may kasamang icecream or frozen yakult lang tlga sya?

  5. ay bago kami uminom ng yakult, nilalagay namin minsan sa freezer. pro doc wait lang, etong froya na to eh may kasamang icecream or frozen yakult lang tlga sya?

  6. i love yakult especially when I was a kid but can’t imagine the taste if it’s frozen, masarap ba talaga? same lasa ng yakult? hehe na curious tuloy ako

    1. my son liked it, perhaps because he’s an avid yakult drinker as well.
      i’ve tasted it and it wasn’t bad; sarap naman sya if you really like yakult.

  7. Doc, hi! Ü I was so addicted to this that I visited Cold Comfort [MOA] 3x in just one week. Yakult na Yakult! It was not like the other Yakult ice cream I tried [in ElFav]. This one’s creamy and smooth — simply, churned Yakult.

    You and your family may also want to try Sebastian’s Dessert for Breakfast. [] If you love pancakes/waffles, this one’s for you. I’m an avid Sebastian’s fan as you can see. Ü

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