Do you remember being afraid of thunder and/or lightning during your childhood?

I don’t.

Perhaps, I fear other forces of nature more.

Apparently, the story is different with our 5-year-9-month old son, Gabby. I found him one late afternoon sleeping soundly on the couch with hands covering his ears.

When he woke up, I showed him the photo above and asked him if he’s afraid of thunderstorm.

He said he’s not; he just didn’t want to hear its roar while he sleeps.

Oo nga naman,Β  hate is totally different from fear.

My wife and I believe it’s parents’ privilege to grow up with their kid/s;

every day with a child is a reflection;

every minute is a new learning experience;

every second is a blessing!


Would you care to share your pet peeves and fears?


24 thoughts on “TAKOT KA BA SA KULOG?

  1. this photo made me smile. i remember taking a photo of my nephew’s toothless grin after his first milk tooth fell off.:p

    mas takot ako sa kidlat kaysa kulog. i used to cover all the mirrors in the house with towels and blankets when there was lightning. i got that from my lola. i memorized the lightning “do’s and don’ts” when i was 6 or 7.:p

    1. and what do you know, my late maternal lola also taught us to cover mirrors during lightning and thunderstorms. magkaklase kaya mga lola natin dati? lol! πŸ˜€

      thanks for dropping by, luna. really appreciate it.

  2. Takot ako sa kidlat, yung kulog medyo music to the ears heehee. My odd source of fear? Many years akong natulog na nakabaluktot nung bata pa. Natakot kase ako na may moomoo na hihila ng paa ako. Toinks!

  3. cute ng photo ni Gabby πŸ™‚ oh yah hanggang ngayon takot ako sa kulog at kidlat especially pag nasa sasakyan ka at makikita mo yun from a far. tinatakpan ko din ang ears ko pag kukulog.

  4. .. that’s really a cute pic of gabby, haha. di ako takot sa kulog (sa kidlat medyo) – kasi sabi ng tito ko dati pagkumukulog, nagbobowling lang daw si san pedro! corny!

    1. thanks, rob. your inaanak looks cute even in that unassuming position.

      and what do you know, ganyan din ang sinabi ng lola ko before; nagbobowling daw si san pedro pag may kulog. strike!

  5. still both afraid of kulog and kidlat and i like luna would go around the house and cover all the mirrors and if our curtains were the lacy kind that hides nothing, I would cover the windows with kumot as well.

    ang cute naman ng pic.

  6. Kulog is fine (in fact the sound of thunderstorm lulls me to sleep when in bed) but I’m deathly scared of kidlat ever since I was a kid so imagine my horror when on a hike to Mt. Apo 2 years ago, we were caught in a sudden storm with kulog and kidlat!

    1. thunder as music to your ears, dennis? amazing!

      didn’t know you encountered lighgtning on your mt apo climb; based on your photo on the peak, everything looked fun.

  7. yup, i hate lightning & thunder 😦

    i also don’t like looking at the body inside the coffin when we visit wakes and I’m scared of frogs (hearing them palang freaks me out na) :-\

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